Fortnite will reportedly introduce Glacial Legends pack during Winterfest
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Fortnite seems to be planning one of its biggest content drops in quite some time for Winterfest. With the event set to begin today, Dec. 17, we should know more about the future content. However, we’ve already seen multiple leaks regarding the skins, cinematics, and map changes coming for the event. Although, it appears dataminers are still digging up leaks regarding Winterfest. One leaker was able to find a whole pack, named “Glacial Legends,” that should be released within the next week or two.

Glacial Legends pack leaked in Fortnite

While there’s still time for changes, this leak appears to be set firmly in the game files. Glacial Legends is all but official.

Fortnite dataminer @iFireMonkey was the first to dig up the Glacial Legends pack in the files. There are four different cosmetics in the leak by iFireMonkey, but there could be more that weren’t uncovered.

The four cosmetics are as follows: Power Roar (emote), Frozen Fishstick, Frozen Nog Ops, and The Devourer. Long-time Fortnite fans are quite familiar with the Nog Ops and Fishstick skins. However, the Devourer is one of the most unique skins we’ve seen in Fortnite up to this point. The Devourer was originally trapped in ice on the side of Polar Peak.

While these are the cosmetics iFireMonkey was able to find, there could also be back blings coming for the skins. Although, Frozen Fishstick and Nog Ops are less likely to receive one compared to the Devourer.

We don’t know when this pack will release, but a safe bet is around Christmas. The Winterfest content will start to slow down around then, so the Glacial Legends pack could slide in as fresh content. The pack will cost real-life money, but iFireMonkey wasn’t able to uncover how much money.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all news regarding the Glacial Legends pack here at Daily Esports.

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