Where to find the 5 highest elevations in Fortnite
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The Season 8, Week 6 challenges are now live in Fortnite. In these challenges, one takes you to new heights all across the map.

The first Free challenge you’ll see is “Visit the 5 highest elevations on the island.” While this may seem like a simple task at first, some of the highest elevations are not where you may think. So where are they exactly?

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Here are the five highest elevations on the Fortnite map:

The Volcano

An obvious first choice, the volcano is situated in the new jungle biome. In order to get the progress for this challenge, follow the path up to the top of the volcano or simply land on it. Once you see the challenge bar give you your progress, you can move on to the next peak.

Villain’s Mountain Lair

The next stop on your elevation journey is going to be the Villain’s lair near Snobby Shores. Landing on top of this mountain is the easiest way to scale it. Remember, simply going into the Villain’s lair will not work, you will need to go above the lair.

Mountain next to the Villain’s Lair

Directly east of the villain’s lair is where the next highest peak is located. Impossible to miss, it is the giant mountain that housed some shopping carts and ramps in earlier seasons. Make your way to the top of this mountain and you only have two more peaks left.

Polar Peak Castle

In the snow biome is where the next two highest elevations are found, the first being Polar Peak. The ideal way to get to Polar Peak is to simply land there, as it is tough to climb without wasting a lot of materials. Once you are there, go to the top of the castle that is situated in the northern part of the location.

Frosty Flights ice mountain

The final stop in your highest elevation journey will be near Frosty Flights. A little southeast of Frosty is where a giant ice mountain is located. This is the fifth and final peak you will need to climb. Once again, landing on top of this mountain is the easiest route.

That’s all of the highest elevations on the Fortnite island! We hope this was helpful in completing your Week 6 challenge.

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