How to craft a weapon with alien nanites for Fortnite Week 12 challenge
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Week 12 of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 likely marks one of the last weeks that players are able to complete weekly challenges. Season 8 is just over the horizon, which will shake things up. Current Epic and Legendary Quests can certainly help with the completion of this season’s battle pass though, so they’re worth doing before it’s too late. Of course, knowing how to complete the challenges in each set helps tremendously. One of this week’s Fortnite challenges includes crafting weapons with alien nanites, which should be an easy one to tick off for most players.

However, the process of crafting weapons with the foreign material might be confusing to some players. Luckily, the alien nanites are simple to find and used to craft some additional weapons. Below, players can see exactly how to complete this Week 12 Legendary Quest.

Crafting a weapon with alien nanites in Fortnite

The first step players need to take to complete the challenge is to simply start a match. Once players are in the Battle Bus, they need to look for any Abductors that are flying above locations on the Fortnite map. Players can find an increased amount of alien nanites on top of these Abductors. Also, using the Abductors to get inside the Mothership yields an even higher chance of finding nanites. Having said that, players can also find the object as ground loot as well.

After one of the nanites has been secured, players have to find an SMG, AR or really any other weapon besides a shotgun. The weapons used here must be blue or above in rarity. With a weapon in hand, players need to open up their inventory. From here, they can find the crafting tab and then select one of the recipes to craft an alien weapon.

Combining the nanites with an SMG will yield the Kymera Ray Gun, combining them with an AR will yield a Pulse Rifle, and so on. Once Fortnite players have crafted one of the alien weapons with their nanites, this challenge is complete. Players are then awarded with 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

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