Fortnite v8.20 update reverts Pop-Up Cup settings, brings new consumables
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Epic Games has released the patch notes for the v8.20 update, which brings some brand new items and some controversy. With this update, three new consumables — a pepper, coconut, and banana — and a deadly Poison Dart Trap make their way to the game. However, the previous competitive Pop-Up Cup settings that were introduced have now been reverted.

The changes keep on coming for Fortnite, as each new update in Season 8 has brought something additional to the game. Along with these introductions, a slew of other fixes are coming, including an Infantry Rifle adjustment.

Another trap implemented

Epic has a way of fiddling around with different trap ideas and seeing which one sticks. The now vaulted Chiller Trap is an example of one that did not last very long. In v8.20, the Poison Dart Trap is the latest iteration to the trap category. According to the patch notes, this can be placed on any surface and is found on the floor in uncommon rarity. However, unlike the damage trap, it seems as though this trap can damage the user as well. Also unlike the other traps, the Poison Dart will fire projectiles up to three grid cells away. This means a player doesn’t even need to come in direct contact to trigger four poisonous projectiles.

The Poison Dart works similarly to the way the stink bombs work, inflicting damage over time. Each tick deals a total of 10 damage over 8 seconds overall. Although, this damage is only health-related and doesn’t degrade any shield health. Running into one of these will certainly be annoying and only time will tell if this trap sticks around for the long haul.

Big changes to consumables

In the past, apples and mushrooms have been the two main consumables in Fortnite. Both give 5 immediate health, but mushrooms gave shield regeneration instead of regular health. These were nice to find in their certain locations but weren’t a huge part of the game. With the new pepper, coconut, and bananas, this is drastically changed. Each of these new consumables is now geo-locked to a certain biome. Peppers can be found in the desert, bananas in the tropics, and coconuts in both biomes.

With the pepper comes an implementation that fans have been craving for a while. While they give an immediate 5 health, they also give the consumer a 20 percent speed boost for 10 seconds. Players now have an additional way to get across the map faster but will need to be in the desert to do so. The bananas act the same as apples, granting 5 immediate health to the consumer. The coconuts are the one consumable on the map that cannot be found on the ground. Instead, players will need to hit palm trees in the desert and tropics to harvest coconuts. Once a coconut is on the ground, eating it will grant the user 5 health or 5 shield if the player is at max health.

Now that more consumables are scattered across the different biomes, some players might rethink their landing strategy. We’ll see if these new consumables play a role in the upcoming World Cup as well.

Overhaul of the previous siphon changes

What’s an update without a little controversy thrown in? One of the most welcome changes in the v7.40 update was the implementation of Pop-Up Cup settings in normal lobbies; 50 health/shield given on elimination, a 500 cap on materials, and an increase to the harvesting rate were some of the changes. Well, a few updates later and Epic feels that these settings should remain in competitive-only playlists. Every change that was made in v7.40 has been reverted back to the way it was before. This means no extra materials/health upon eliminations, a 999 material cap, and a regular harvesting rate.

The reasoning behind this reversion is a bit puzzling, to say the least. Many feel that these were solid changes to the casual playlists and promoted aggressive play. However, Epic says that these changes increased aggressive play to the point that it was “unhealthy.” It’s unclear what data they have behind this, but based off initial impressions from the community this reversion will not go over well. The competitive settings will still remain in other playlists however, like Arena and the Gauntlet playlists.

Other changes and fixes

As per usual with Fortnite updates, some other minor tweaks were made to the game. Something that will make many happy is the adjustment to the Infantry Rifle. Prior to this update, the Infantry Rifle was a projectile weapon, meaning you needed to lead your shots to get hits. This was, of course, a ridiculous mechanic for an assault rifle, so now the Infantry Rifle is a hit-scan weapon. Like most other weapons in Fortnite, it will now shoot wherever your crosshairs are lined up.

Some fixes to the Baller were also teased for a future update. Epic stated they don’t like where the Baller currently stands, particularly in regard to its late-game usage. Many players are exploiting the fact that no damage can befall the driver of the Baller and are making it to the final circle because of this. This is definitely a problem, especially for competitive, so Epic said they are planning to allow enemies to shoot through the glass of the vehicle. Hopefully, with this change, the Baller will be less effective than it is right now.

What do you think of Epic removing the Pop-Up Cup settings from regular playlists? Let us know in the comments below. Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all your Fortnite news and updates.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 6+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.