Fortnite v11.40 sees the return of trap glitches
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Recently, Fortnite received its first patch in over a month: the v11.40 update. And soon enough, Fortnite fans discovered that trap glitches have, once again, returned. It is, sadly, not a surprise to see these rear their ugly heads again. They’ve become something of a recurring issue with the game.

What is the trap glitch?

The majority of players should already be familiar with this. The trap glitch involves placing a trap on both sides of a floor – both the top and the bottom. In many cases, this can provide the enemy with an advantage, like when used on a ceiling.

To pull it off, a player stands next to a floor, looking at it while holding the traps. You line the trap up with the other side from where your regular trap is placed. Once your trap is barely touching, angle your camera slightly downwards and start spamming the ‘place’ command.

Fortunately, this time around the trap glitch is a bit less consistent. It will likely take you – and your opponents – a bit of time to get it to work. But it can work, and that is a bit worrying.

Epic addresses v11.40 bugs

Another bug that became apparent after the v11.40 update is the ability to shoot through wooden ramps. To utilize this, players just have to use wood when building. No special tricks are required; just pull out your gun and start shooting at random wooden ramps, and your bullets can go through, hitting enemies on the other side. This glitch has proven increasingly frustrating for players, as it can give the opponent a tactical advantage.

Epic Games took to Reddit to address this issue, stating that it was “unintentional” and that they are “working on a solution.” The trap glitch issue has also been acknowledged.

Even if you aren’t making use of these glitches, you should be aware of them when playing. It might save you some frustration – or it might let you frustrate those trying to use them against you. For more news surrounding Fortnite, make sure to keep up with Daily Esports.