Fortnite streamer NickEh30 accused of cheating in Streamer Bowl
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Fortnite streamer Nicholas “NichEh30” Amyoony has been accused of cheating in the Fortnite Streamer Bowl event. The $500,000 charity event saw NickEh30 team up with Minnesota Vikings player David Morgan. Although the Fortnite Streamer Bowl was a charity event, the competitiveness was high within the duo. During the event, teams were assigned landing zones, and landing outside of these zones could lead to a punishment. However, NickEh30 has been accused of cheating, suggesting that he and Morgan land outside of the zone. Perhaps this move could have been due to their standings in the leaderboards, as they may not have been as high as they anticipated.

NickEh30 discusses cheating with his teammate

In the following round, an area was assigned that was the area around Dirty Docks. The pre-match discussion could be heard by fans and they were shocked to learn NickEh30’s plan. In the clip, NickEh30 can be heard initiating the discussion by suggesting to Morgan, “What if we stretch out a little bit more?” As the conversation develops further, NickEh30 appears to have little concern for the rules by highlighting that the duo will “get a warning,” as opposed to facing more dire consequences.

The result of the event saw NickEh30 and his teammate David Morgan finish in sixth place at the tournament. This resulted in a $30,000 prize that the pair shared to donate to a charity of their choice. It was announced via NickEh30’s Twitter page that his share was to be donated to St. Jude’s charity. Taking first place in the tournament were Cody “Clix” Conrad and teammate Tarik Cohen, winning a share of $125,000 for charity. Additionally, second place was awarded to Turner “Tfue” Tenney and partner Kyler Murray, who raised $80,000 for their chosen charities.

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