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By default, Fortnite doesn’t come with any character classes. This means your play style is mostly determined by your favorite weapons and your building strategy. But the “Soaring 50s” game mode provides an opportunity for a completely unique support play style. With so many players on both teams, you can make a huge difference by focusing full-time on battlefield healing. Here’s an easy five-step guide to playing a dedicated Medic in Fortnite!

1. Rescue people with an ATK

In the early game, whichever team can get the most players into the circle has the advantage. However, because Soaring 50s is a relatively casual game mode, many players haven’t figured this out yet. It’s not uncommon to see players on the furthest reaches of the map, doing nobody any good. If you obtain an All Terrain Kart, you can drive around and rescue these wayward souls, delivering them to the circle where they can help the team win.

2. Prioritize reviving teammates over killing enemies

In the mid-game, whichever team has more surviving players will always retain the advantage. A player who revives teammates as frequently as possible can have a huge effect on his team’s damage output. You usually can revive far more players than you can kill enemies, which means dedicated reviving often has a larger battlefield effect. Plus, it’s depressingly common to see teammates ignoring their fallen teammates. Anyone who goes out of their way to revive a lot of allies will be greatly appreciated.

3. Pick up as many healing items as you can carry

Your teammates are at their most vulnerable immediately after you revived them. During the scavenging part of the early game, prioritize carrying extra healing items so you can give them to your patients. Remember to drop the bandages or shield potions in stacks of two or three, so that you can spread them out among as many revived allies as possible. I usually will carry at least one versatile gun (usually rifle or SMG) for self-defense. Battlefield medics still need to protect themselves!

4. Build a healing station

If your team’s looking okay and is focusing on defense, you can consider setting up a protective building to drop health and shield pickups for the needy to come collect. This is more situational than dropping pickups for your revive targets, but it can help your team even after you’ve died or moved onto a different part of the battlefield. You might have to remake it if your team is on the offensive, though, as your makeshift infirmary will quickly be left behind.

5. Carry campfires and bungee pads

These two traps provide tangible benefits for your teammates, letting them passively heal up or redeploy to a new spot of the map. Prioritize collecting these two traps during the scavenging phase so you can deploy them for teammates later in the round. The bungee pad in particular can turn the tide of battle in a close endgame.

Special thanks to Reddit user JyeunJyeun for making and posting the video that first brought the medic play style into the public eye! It’s become one of my favorite ways to play Fortnite since I first learned about it. Hopefully you have fun with it too!