Fortnite Guide: How to complete the Season 5, Week 8 challenges
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It’s a new week, folks, which means a new guide for the Fortnite Season 5 challenges. With this being Week 8, we’re almost near the end of this Season. Last week’s challenges made it possible for players to unlock the mysterious Road Trip skin, the Enforcer. As with last season, this skin is unlocked by completing all of a week’s challenges, for seven separate weeks.

In case you’re struggling, Week 8 brings a fresh set of tasks. Let’s take a look.

Week 8 Free Pass Challenges

  • Place Traps (0/10)
  • Search Chests In Wailing Woods (0/7)
  • Shotgun Eliminations (0/4) – HARD

Week 8 Battle Pass Challenges

  • Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents (0/250)
  • Use a rift at different spawn locations (0/10)
  • Search between 3 oversized seats (0/1) – HARD
  • Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent at Greasy Grove (0/1) – HARD
Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 challenges
Image courtesy of Forbes

Place Traps

As per usual, a number of the challenges this week are fairly self-explanatory. To complete the first challenge, players must Place 10 Traps. Fortunately, eliminations are not needed. Players need only to place a trap in order to get points for this. That means the most difficult part of this challenge is finding traps. Search chests, floor drops, vending machines, and other players.

Remember that not all traps do damage! Items such as the Launch Pad and Bounce Pad technically count as traps since they are accessed from the same menu as their spike-covered, wall trap brethren.

Search Chests in Wailing Woods

Next, players must Search 7 Chests in Wailing Wood. Another straightforward task, the most difficult aspect of this challenge, as with other weeks, is dealing with the other players. At the start of any new challenge list, location-based challenges result in a huge increase in traffic to those areas. This can make reaching the chests before other players more difficult.

Consider two options. If you’re set on completing this challenge as soon as possible, wait for a bus route that doesn’t fly directly near Wailing Woods. This will reduce the number of people dropping at that location and increase your odds of success. Alternatively, use the increase in traffic to your advantage for the other challenges. Land at Wailing Woods and start firing! Which brings us to our next challenge…

Shotgun Eliminations

To complete the final Week 8 Free Pass challenge, players must achieve 4 Shotgun Eliminations. Players can use Semi-Automatic Shotguns, Pump Shotguns, or the more recent Double Barrel Shotgun. These do not have to be achieved in the same match, and most game modes count toward the challenge.

Fortunately, shotguns are relatively easy to achieve eliminations with, as they only require one or two solid shots. Combine this challenge with some of the others this week by landing in either Wailing Woods or Greasy Grove.

Deal damage with a pickaxe to opponents

For the first Week 8 Battle Pass challenge, players need to deal 250 damage with a pickaxe to opponents. If you’re playing solo, this may take a few matches to accomplish. Your best bet is to land in a populated area and aim for the same landing spots as other people. Roofs, for example, are popular due to chests that spawn underneath. While someone else farms for the chest, try to hit them with your pickaxe.

Alternatively, the better solution is to attempt this in a squad-based mode. Attack players with your standard weapons and, once they are knocked, finish the job with the pickaxe. Rinse and repeat and you’ll have the 250 damage in no time.

Use a rift at different spawn locations

Moving forward, the next challenge is one we haven’t seen before. This week, players must Use a rift at 10 different spawn locations. Though this challenge is similar to an earlier one from Week 5, it differentiates itself by requiring players to use rifts in different locations. Unfortunately, the new Rift-to-Go item does not count for this challenge.

Rift spawn locations vary from match to match, though there are a number of spots where they are more likely to appear. Fortunately, Reddit user thesquatingdog has released one of his esteemed challenge guide infographics. Use the above map to find the spawn locations, as well as the location for the next challenge.

Search between 3 oversized seats

For this week’s hidden Battle Star, players must Search between 3 oversized seats. What’s an oversized seat, you might ask? These large, pre-built structures are giant wooden chairs. A popular one is right outside of the unnamed location in grid D8 on the map. Frequently, a chest spawns on top of these chairs, and the chairs themselves are considered “neutral.” What this means is that, like other pre-built wooden structures in the game, any player can edit the material.

Similar to Week 6’s challenge requiring players to search between the stone heads, players need to triangulate where the three seats meet up. Alternatively, use the aforementioned map from thesquatingdog. The hidden Battle Star is on a hill on the northern side of grid D9.

Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent at Greasy Grove

For the last challenge of Season 5, Week 8, players must complete one of the new tiered challenges. This challenge format was first introduced last week. Instead of immediately revealing all information, players must instead complete each step to reveal the next task. This week’s tiered challenge is elimination-based. First, players must eliminate an opponent in Greasy Grove. This is a good opportunity to stack challenges, so try to use a Shotgun for the elimination if you have one available. Following Greasy Grove, the other locations are Lonely Lodge and Fatal Fields. The in-game challenge list does not update when you complete each tier, and instead requires you to check in-between matches. Fortunately, regardless of whether or not the challenges are shown for you, you can still move on to the next tier once one is completed.

That concludes this week’s challenges and guide! Hopefully you’re well on your way toward tier 100 of the Battle Pass by now. Any specific trouble? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to let us know what you think of the Season 5 Road Trip skin, the Enforcer, if you’ve unlocked it already.