Watch: Fortnite's rocket launch tears the sky apart!
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At long last, the supervillain’s rocket launched today in Fortnite. Tearing into the sky from the mountains above Snobby Shore, players worldwide watched with bated breath, eager to see the destruction. Now, we have our answer, but it’s not quite what players expected. Rather than the destruction of any location, the rocket launched toward space. As it ascended, a piece of debris appeared to fall off (update: this was confirmed to land at Anarchy Acres). This pod then jettisoned around the map through some sort of portals. In the end, the pod appears to crack apart the sky itself. Watch the video below to see our up-close angle of the final moments.

Update: We were able to capture an even closer look at the full sequence from Ninja’s stream!

The catharsis of the Fortnite rocket

After months of waiting for a climax to Season 4, fanfare peaked when a countdown appeared on the in-game TVs. This was further supported by a new welcome message, which read:

Blast Off! Get in-match on Saturday by 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET / 7:30pm CET and look to the sky. It only happens once!

The key part of this announcement is that the event would only happen once. This is the first time a global event like this has been planned for Fortnite, and fans were excited to be a part of the game’s history. In the time leading up to the rocket’s launch, an orange glow surrounding the rocket’s location. A pillar of light, similar to when a squad member places a marker, appeared on everyone’s map. In turn, the behavior of players in-game shifted. Many landed near the rocket’s base, welcoming the end like the crowds greeting the aliens in Independence Day. Some requested peace, offering a global treaty so all players could witness the historic event. Others took the situation to their advantage, treating audiences like a personal shooting range.

The launch of this rocket is significant for Fortnite as an overall game. As stated earlier, this is the first time the developers have ever tried a global event. Prior updates, such as the destruction of Dusty Depot via meteor, occurred on backend server updates. The most insight players had was through the cinematic trailer before Season 4. However, this live event sets a new precedent for Epic Games. They’ve now proved their game is capable of dynamic, world-altering events. Imagine the possibilities if they introduce random events like this during tournament play? The rocket’s purpose may still be a mystery, but its built the foundation for a new era of Fortnite.