Fortnite releases new football-themed skins for the Super Bowl
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The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, and Epic Games has released a small patch for Fortnite that includes updated football-themed skin styles. This is the biggest game of the year in American football, and Epic Games is once again giving players a way to show support for their teams.

Continuing a trend from 2019

Last year around this time, Epic Games released a similar patch that added a Patriots style and a Rams style to Fortnite because those were the teams competing in the Super Bowl. This year the teams are the 49ers and the Chiefs, and the skins have been updated for the contending teams.

Players who purchased the football skin style last year can choose the jersey they want from their locker and will not need to buy it again.

In addition to these skin styles, a new emote titled the “Freemix” is being released.

This is a very small update that only includes these skin styles, the emote, and a few minor bug fixes. Epic did address the fact that ziplines are disabled due to an issue and not being able to edit when a player is looking straight down.

This was a surprise update by Epic Games and not the v11.50 update, which will be the last big update of the season. This update will likely hit live servers in early February.

For now, players can enjoy dressing up in their favorite team’s gear. Make sure to stay tuned for more Fortnite news regarding v11.50!