Fortnite Polar Legends pack price and release date leaked
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The Fortnite Polar Legends pack was leaked by dataminers around one week ago. Originally thought to be named “Glacial Legends,” this pack is set to include winter versions of Nog Ops and Fishstick. Also in the pack is the Devourer skin and another variant of the Codename E.L.F. skin from Fortnite‘s first winter event. While this pack was leaked, we didn’t know of a price or date other than sometime during Winterfest. Now we now have some idea of how much Polar Legends will cost and the exact date it will release.

Polar Legends price and release date

Unlike other packs in Fortnite, there will be no exclusivity with Polar Legends. The only way to obtain it is by paying real-life money through V-Bucks. While some fans might be upset there’s no way to earn this pack in-game, the cosmetics included in the pack make it worth the price point.

However, we didn’t know the price point until very recently. Fortnite leaker @HYPEX claims that the pack is $25, which is reasonable considering there are four skins and some extra items in the pack. @iFireMonkey backs this up with a screenshot of the pack in-game.

Definitely a steep price though, especially for those who already own Codename E.L.F. However, according to HYPEX, players that already purchased the E.L.F. skin will receive 1,200 V-Bucks in its place. And players who buy the pack will still receive E.L.F.’s new variant. So, in theory, the pack would only cost around $13 if you deduct the V-Bucks’ worth.

Along with the rumored price, we also learned of a date for the Polar Legends pack. Supposedly, it will release on Dec. 23 in all regions. @ShiinaBR gives us a preview of all the skins as well as showing us the release date.

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