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Earlier this week, Team Secret added two of the top Fortnite free agents in Europe. Konrad “Skram” Skram and Layton “Mexe” Partridge played Duos together and qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals. During the World Cup, they underperformed and finished in 45th place. However, the two continue to play at the top level and now are backed by an organization. Both Skram and Mexe played trio tournaments together along with Jake “smeef” Smith. Overall, the team succeeded by qualifying for the Fortnite Champion Series Finals and won $1,000 each. Now, the focus of competitive Fortnite shifts to squads and the trio is still looking for a fourth player. There is a possibility that one of their new Team Secret teammates will join them.

Meet Secret Mexe

Mexe is a Fortnite veteran in Europe from the United Kingdom. He began competing before the Winter Royale. First, Mexe popped up on the scene in a squad tournament called Bush Paranoia Open Squads in July of 2018. Then he continued to compete in various tournaments that appeared in Europe and worldwide. He did not find his duo partner, and now teammate, Skram until February of 2019. The two proceeded to become one of the best duos in Europe. Mexe has earned around $60,000 in slightly over a year and is poised to continue his success.

Meet Secret Skram

Skram also resides in Europe, specifically Denmark. He began playing as early as August of 2018. He played in the Winter Royale tournament and finished in fifth place. Ultimately, Skram and Mexe came together under the LootBoy Team, which has since disbanded. The two stuck together until this point and were one of the top duos in Europe. Now they remain teammates both in Fortnite and on Team Secret. Overall, Skram has earned over $92,000 from competitions and looks to continue winning.

Team Secret Fortnite roster

Team Secret continues to invest in their Fortnite roster as shown by the signing of Skram and Mexe. The team appears to expect the game to continue to succeed. They now have five total competitive players signed. Domentos and Milan are two other players based in Europe. Fuzzy is the only Team Secret player in North America. As Fortnite develops, the number of teams signing players grows. At first, teams seemed hesitant to bring on Fortnite players, but after the large prize pools and continued success, the fears are diminishing.