Fortnite players finally get the Driftboard in v7.40 update - Upcomer
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Back when Season 7 of Fortnite began, players were teased that a super cool new vehicle was coming called the Driftboard. It’s essentially a sweet-looking hoverboard/snowboard that makes sense for the winter theme going on this season. It just got released in the latest content update v7.40.

Besides giving us this sick snowboard, Epic Games added some other neat limited-time modes. Players who may have taken a break due to Apex Legends may be enticed to get back into Fornite with the new features.

First, let’s talk about the Driftboard itself. It allows players to literally hit the slopes. You can still use weapons and consumables while riding, but you cannot build while on the Driftboard. You can also loot and revive your fallen allies without getting off.

Limited-time modes

The first limited-time event mode is called Driftin’. As its name suggests, it heavily focuses on the Driftboard. There will be two teams of 32 players and all chests and ammo boxes are removed. Red Supply drops, however, will be scattered across the map and they all contain the Driftboard, weapons, and ammo. Your health and shields will regenerate while riding around.

In Catch!, chest spawns and floor spawns have been set to 100. Players can only get consumables out of the chests, floor loot, and supply drops. This mode is basically a game of dodgeball as all guns have been removed and players are only left with grenades to throw at one another. Supply drops are also increased during this mode, and you will see faster circle times and increased drop stack counts. Available items include Smoke Grenades, Clingers, Remote Explosives, Port-a-Forts, Impulse Grenades, and Shockwave Grenades. Players should enjoy this unique mode that is sure to be an explosive one.

While we are nearing the end of Season 7, Epic Games is giving players some new things to hopefully hook them back in.