Fortnite players are encountering vanishing slurp trucks
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Since the release of Fortnite Season 2, many players have been encountering a variety of glitches. These include a propane tank glitch and an issue with the launch pads which were unvaulted. Recently, a new glitch has emerged involving slurp trucks. Slurp trucks are located around the map and provide a new way for players to quickly acquire more health.

However, a clip on the Fortnite Reddit page shows a player being unable to break a slurp truck. Meanwhile, another clip posted on the competitive Fortnite Reddit page shows a slurp truck vanishing on the map.

Impenetrable slurp truck

In this clip, the player has visibly low health and shield levels. As such, the player approaches a slurp truck to regain some health and proceeds to hit the slurp truck with a pickaxe. However, no damage was being dealt to the truck before it disappeared. The player then had to leave the area without receiving the slurp truck’s benefits, as the storm was moving in.

Okay, I think the slurp truck render glitch has gone too far. from FortNiteBR

Slurp truck instantly vanishes

In the other clip, the player is in a game of duos. The player makes their way towards the slurp truck before it completely disappears.

I’m seeing mirages from FortniteCompetitive

Many Fortnite players expressed their frustration and experiences with slurp trucks in the comments section. One player commented: “this legit happens to me all the time in my games it’s the most frustrating thing too when you use slurp trucks for your rotations … Literally never even know if they are there [or] not because the game just glitches them in and out.” This shows that it is a widespread issue in the popular Battle Royale.

However, Epic Games has yet to acknowledge the problems that slurp trucks are causing. Players should be aware of this bug and be cautious of relying on a slurp truck to regain health. The status of bugs are viewable on Fortnite’s official Trello board.

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