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Fortnite featured heavily at PAX Aus.

To celebrate PAX Australia, Epic Games has skinned one of the iconic trams in Melbourne with Fortnite. The colourful tram is seen throughout the city travelling on route 70 and 75. The battle tram is taking players directly to PAX Aus. It’s a little hard to miss. The Battle Royale-themed tram is helping gamers get hyped for all things Fortnite at PAX Aus. If you end up taking the Fortnite tram to PAX Aus, don’t forget to thank the tram driver. Manners are always a good thing to have!

Fortnite is a big feature at this year’s PAX Aus. Almost every booth has some type of Fortnite setup. The biggest Fortnite attraction is currently the Boogiedown zone. Boogiedown invites fans to duke it out on the dance floor. Compete against the pros, streamers, content creators, booth hosts, other attendees, or your friends. There’s also tonnes of free play areas, and a chance to win heaps of prizes at many of the booths. Streamers are in attendance to greet fans, and plenty of content creators are playing Fortnite live.

All of the Fortnite games around the expo hall are playing the latest Halloween update. After some hiccups when the the update went life, Fortnite Halloween has gotten players in a spooky mood. The current mode — called Fortnitemares — invites players to compete in a range of new challenges. There are cube monsters to defeat and lots of mini-games. All modes have been set to soaring. You can now pull out your glider in any game you like. Easily escape your enemies and plan surprise attacks. Progressable outfits and new weapons are available too. PAX Aus is bringing all this to the fans. If you’re in Melbourne, head on down to the Melbourne Convention Exhibition building to play some Fortnite. Check out the full schedule on the website.

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