Fortnite patch notes v10.40.1: Season X extension and returning weapons
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Fortnite patch notes v10.40.1 for Season X: Out of Time has released, and with it has come an extension of Season X, new props, and some returning items to the weekly store. Season X already brought us the B.R.U.T.E Mech Suit, a two-person vehicle with a wide array of weapons and maneuverability, along with a few fan-favorite weapons returning to the rotation.

Battle Royale

Most importantly for players, Fortnite Season X has been extended an additional week. The extension will last from Tuesday, Oct 8 at 9:00 a.m. until Sunday, Oct 13 at 2:00 p.m. Along with this, players will gain access to an overtime mission called Out of Time. Players can use this to earn end-of-season rewards like XP, cosmetics, and a special Season X loading screen. The Gotham City and the Batman Caped Crusader Pack will join this extension, remaining available until the end of the season.

As for other notable details, limited-time modes Zone Wars Desert, Vortex, Colosseum, and Downhill River will be combined into two limited-time mode playlists, Zone Wars: Party and Zone Wars: Solo. Nintendo Switch players will also find a bug that had players landing in low-resolution areas is fixed. Mobile players will be getting a better search bar for finding friends on their friends list. Finally, Epic has also resolved an issue with players being shown as in chat when they were not.


Fortnite Meteor
The Meteor Prefab has all the rocks and particles from the Meteor Gallery.

In Fortnite‘s Creative Mode, players will now have access to the Meteor Prefab. This prefab contains rocks and particle effects from the Meteor Prop, Core, and Particle Galleries.

Save The World

For Save the World, players can complete the Escort Beat Bot quest, earning the Hit the Road loading screen. The weekly store also received an update, with the Surround Pound hammer and the Six Feet Under shovel available for a limited time.

Wrapping up the post is a general list of fixes, including improved stability for PC and PlayStation 4 editions. Nintendo Switch players will also see improved CPU optimizations to reduce framerate loss during combat.

Epic Games has been quiet on what to expect from Fortnite Season 11, so stay tuned and follow Daily Esports for all Fortnite updates.

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