Fortnite Patch 5.41 adds Port-a-Fortress, Spiky Stadium | Cosmetics leak
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Patch 5.41 for Fortnite is now available, bringing with it two new building tools, the Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium. Both of this latest update’s items provide players with new ways to approach building. Furthermore, today’s patch introduces a few performance updates, as well as a reworking of storm damage.

If this week’s offerings seem slim, consider the timing. Only one week remains in Season 5, so next week’s Season 6 update will likely be a big one. However, to tide you over a bit more, dataminers have also scoured the hidden files of patch 5.41 to find the latest cropping of leaked cosmetics.

Patch 5.41: Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium

The Port-a-Fortress is a new-and-improved version of the previous instant-building consumable, the Port-a-Fort. Rather than provide players with a 1×1 tower like the Port-a-Fort, this new item spawns a massive structure. With a base size of 3×3, built-in arches, and rows of launch pads along its upper perimeter, this consumable truly deserves to be called a fortress. Note that the Port-a-Fortress is not a replacement for the Port-a-Fort, however, and both items coexist in the game. In fact, the introductory video for the item, seen above, shows a comparison of both the fort and fortress side-by-side.

Meanwhile, the Spiky Stadium is a more niche item, intended to help players practice and experiment. Rather than spawn a vertical tower, this item creates a large 7×11 rectangular arena. Impulse and Shockwave Grenades spawn on the ground inside, and the interior walls are lined with launch pads and spike traps.  In their patch notes, Epic challenges players to be creative:

Imagine new ways to play with the Spiky Stadium. Give it a throw and an arena will appear, ready to go for any mini-game your squad can think up. We love seeing your creativity, so share the way you play using #FortnitePlayground.

However, likely due to its considerable size, the Spiky Stadium is only available in Playground mode from red Supply Drops.

Performance updates, controller editing adjustment, and storm damage rollback

Aside from the Port-a-Fortress and Spiky Stadium, a number of performance updates have been added under the game’s hood. The Xbox One version received some much-needed CPU optimization, hopefully bringing the game to a stable build that’s more akin to the PC and PS4 versions. Meanwhile, players using a controller across all systems may have noticed that editing functions a bit more smoothly now. Previously a point of contention when comparing the effectiveness of controller to a mouse and keyboard, this latest patch should help lessen the gap, if only slightly. The edit button hold timing is now reduced across all control schemes:

  • Old School from 0.25s to 0.2s
  • Quick Builder from 0.25s to 0.2s
  • Combat Pro from 0.25s to 0.2s
  • Builder Pro from 0.25s to 0.15s

Lastly, in a reversion of a recent update, the encroaching storm no longer destroys structures during late-game circles. Added a few weeks ago as part of patch 5.40, Epic experimented with the final circles of the storm dealing damage to structures as well as players. Now, this update has switched, and the storm will once again only deal damage to players. This is a significant update affecting how players will approach the endgame, and comes just in time for this weekend’s first Fall Skirmish.

New Fortnite cosmetic leak, skins Nite Nite
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New leaked skins, back blings, and other cosmetics

As mentioned earlier, with every Fortnite patch comes a new batch of leaked content. Two clown-themed skins will soon be available, with the male variant dubbed “Nite Nite.” Both are Epic rarity, and they appear to have variant stages to their designs.

Meanwhile, the new legendary Valkyrie skin looks to be a female variant of the Season 5 Tier 100 skin, Ragnarok. This skin has its own respective back bling, the legendary Valkyrie Wings. The newly leaked Frostwing glider completes the set.

New Fortnite cosmetic leak, back bling
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New fortnite cosmetic leak, Valkyrie skin
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Last but not least, another two back blings were part of this most recent leak. The Battle Balloon and Balloon Llama are both Epic rarity, and seem to accompany the two clown-themed skins.

That sums up this week’s update and datamine. What has you most excited? Is the Port-a-Fortress a welcome addition? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to tune in later this week for our coverage of the first Fortnite Fall Skirmish.