Fortnite map changes for July 30 includes return of Sweaty Sands
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The flooding is almost behind you, dear Fortnite players! Today’s Fortnite map changes have revealed that even more of the floodwaters from Season 3 have receded. Players will see more familiar green islands popping up, including several of their drop spots from past seasons.

This Fortnite map update isn’t the big, final clearing of the flood, but it’s the last one before a brand new point of interest (POI) magically appears once the waters fully drain.

Sweaty Sands is back!

The Sweaty Sands is back in all of its beachy glory. Get ready to call your drops into this POI and return to a fan-favorite looting ground once the map updates today. While the map looks as it did back in Season 2, who’s to say if the chests are all in the same places they were before? The floodwater could have shifted them around, after all.

While this POI isn’t back to 100%, most of Camp Cod is clear. It’s still swampy in patches, but the rest should drain out once the big update hits.

In addition, more of the roads will resurface as well, particularly the roads at Slurpy. And speaking of that…

Get ready for Atlantis

According to dataminer VastBlast, the new Atlantis POI will appear on August 1, marking the end of the flooding. Perhaps this means the water drained too much?

Ready to explore Aquaman’s home with the King of the Sea himself? Or would you prefer to burn it to the ground with Black Manta? Either option sounds pretty fun, actually. Whenever Atlantis does surface, get prepared for whole new hunting grounds, camping perches, and of course, challenges. You know that Epic Games will release Atlantis-based challenges the week the POI pops up.

When that happens, you can count on Daily Esports to have you covered with a Fortnite Atlantis challenges guide and with any and all Fortnite news.