Fortnite patch 11.20 notes: leaks reveal new skins, back blings, much more!
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The Fortnite servers are still down for maintenance ahead of patch 11.20 but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for the juicy scoops! Popular Fortnite leaker and dataminer HYPEX has already shared most of the new content from the coming update via Twitter! The leaks show new music packs, new loading screens, new emotes, and a new Champion Series spray. Of course, the patch is also bringing a ton of new skins, including new outfits, pickaxes, weapon wraps, back blings, and a badass new legendary glider! On top of all of that, it looks like a couple of massively popular weapons are about to make a return: The AK and the Scoped Assault Rifle!

The full list of details and new releases is included below.


  • Burning Beast (Legendary)

Back Blings

  • Ready Ruck (Legendary)
  • Fire Vortex (Epic)
  • Flame Sigil (Epic)
  • Hollow Horn (Epic)
  • Juggus (Epic)
  • Ornament (Epic)
  • Spinal Blade (Epic)
  • Autumn’s Mantle (Rare)
  • Black Stripe (Rare)
  • Fierce Cloudpuff (Rare)
  • Gwinny (Rare)
  • Manta (Rare)
  • Wavepiercer (Rare)


  • Sorana (Legendary)
  • Big Chuggus (Epic)
  • Dominion (Epic)
  • Globe Shaker (Epic)
  • Kurohomura (Epic)
  • Set_01_AA (Stormtrooper) (Epic)
  • Sklaxis (Epic)
  • Terns (Epic)
  • Brilliant Bomber (Rare)
  • Bundles (Rare)
  • Depth Dealer (Rare)
  • Hush (Rare)
  • Stingray (Rare)
  • The Autumn Queen (Rare)
  • Razor (Uncommon)


  • Double Tap (Epic)
  • Bark Basher (Rare)
  • Bone Fangs (Rare)
  • Burning Blades (Rare)
  • Party Crashers (Rare)
  • Polar Poleaxe (Rare)
  • Smashrooms (Rare)
  • Bullet Slash (Uncommon)
  • Sea Scorpion (Uncommon)
  • Silent Strike (Uncommon)

Weapon Wraps

  • Falling Leaf (Rare)
  • Silver Flame (Rare)
  • Neon Venom (Uncommon)
  • Slurp (Uncommon)
  • Weathered Black (Uncommon)


  • Feelin’ Jaunty (rare)
  • Glyphic (Rare)
  • Have a Seat (Uncommon)


  • Battle Breakers (Rare)
  • Dungeons (Rare)
  • Space Groove (Rare)

Loading Screens

  • Storm King (Uncommon)

The return of the Heavy and Scoped Assault Rifles?!

While there is a ton of awesome new content and plenty of amazing skins to look out for, that’s not all there is! HYPEX shared some bombshell news in following tweets. According to the leaker, the legendary AK and Scoped Assault Rifle are returning and they may be released with the update or soon after! The dataminer shared pictures of the weapons, as well as stat charts for comparison.

Additionally, HYPEX is speculating that there may be something up with Risky Reels, showing three different stages with various vehicles strewn about.

There are some beautiful new loading screens!

And HYPEX also revealed that there are updates coming to the following LTMs:

  • Ground LTM
  • Bounty LTM
  • Slide LTM
  • Siphon LTM
  • One Shot LTM

That’s all we have for you so far but be sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all updates and future leaks!