Fortnite leakers confirm what date Cars will arrive in Season 3
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The biggest question remaining in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 is when Epic Games will introduce Cars. The arrival of vehicles is inevitable and confirmed by the developers already. Cars even made an appearance in the Season 3 Battle Pass trailer. So, we know they are coming, but we didn’t know when – until now.

According to several prominent members of the Fortnite leaking community, Cars will arrive very soon. Of course, this isn’t confirmed by any official channels. But it’s rare to see leakers be inaccurate with this kind of information.

When will Cars come to Fortnite?

As previously stated, this is more of a leak rather than concrete information. However, the leak most likely comes from a source within Epic Games. We reported earlier that an Epic Games employee has been accused of feeding leaks to data-miners. That would explain why they have so many early details.

So, though the leak concerning Cars isn’t official, it should be taken seriously. According to the leakers who have the information, Cars will arrive in Fortnite Season 3 on July 21.

As @ShiinaBR points out, the leak originates from an anonymous source at Epic Games. Whether this is the same individual who’s accused of feeding leaks is unknown. However, Fortnite reporter @HappyPower was among the first to break the news that an Epic Games employee was being accused. They were then contacted yet again with this new information.

At this time, we only know that this Fortnite update will contain new Cars and another water recession. Season 3 will feature less and less water as time goes on to make way for new content like Cars and additional locations.

One aspect of this update we’re not sure about, however, is which Cars Epic will add to the game. We’ve seen upwards of 4-6 vehicles teased for Season 3, but it’s not clear if Epic Games plans to add them all at the same time.

What are your thoughts on Cars in-game? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news.

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