Fortnite launches a new PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack
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Fortnite has released a multitude of exclusive bundles in the past. From specific regions to different consoles, there’s very little in the gaming world that doesn’t feature a Fortnite bundle. However, one of the more popular places for these bundles has been the PlayStation 4. We’ve seen tons of exclusive skins for PlayStation users, and it seems those players are getting even more free items. However, this time around, the content will only be available for PlayStation Plus users. The ‘Celebration Pack’ bundle is now live on the PlayStation Store for such gamers.

Celebration Pack coming for PlayStation Plus

With every Fortnite bundle, there will always be a certain number of cosmetic items. While some come with up to five items, others arrive with only a couple. The new Celebration Pack follows the latter, as one skin and back bling are releasing with the bundle.

The latest update in Fortnite gave us an early look at the new PlayStation Plus bundle. Data-miner @ShiinaBR on Twitter provided our first look at the promotional poster for the Celebration Pack, which you can now also find on the PS Store.

Fortnite Celebration Pack
The promotional poster for the upcoming Fortnite Celebration Pack for PlayStation Plus users

The Celebration Pack features the Trilogy Outfit, which is, of course, dyed in the classic PlayStation blue. Along with the Trilogy skin comes the Reliant Blue back bling, which coincides with the colors of the outfit.

If you are a PlayStation Plus user, you can download this bundle in the PlayStation Store right now. Once you have it downloaded, the skins will automatically be transferred to your Fortnite locker. There’s no word on how long the Celebration Pack will be available, so make sure to pick yours up while you can.

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