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Call it a pyramid, call it a roof. Whatever you call it, you’ll likely be using it less than the other buildings in Fortnite Battle Royale. In fact, many new players eschew the roof tile completely in their structures. What’s the point when you can just reuse the floor as a ceiling, right?

Well, there are actually several situations where the roof tile is the perfect structure for the job. Let’s cover six of the most common ones:

1. Entering windows that are tough to jump through

Fortnite’s gameplay has a lot of verticality. You’ll often find yourself entering buildings through windows, and some windows have lips or other frustrating map geometry. A roof tile offers a range of different angles to help adjust your jump trajectory.

2. Crossing open air safely

Sometimes you’ve got to build a long bridge through the sky. If you just place floor tiles one after the other, grounded enemies can destroy them and send you falling to your death. Placing pyramids on top of those floor tiles will give your bridge much more security.

3. Crossing flat terrain safely

Lone players crossing long stretches of land are the easiest snipes in Fortnite. To protect yourself from getting domed, plant roof tiles while you sprint so that your head never stays still. If you’re racing the storm and don’t have time to build a hideout, this strategy can help survive a sniper ambush. Though, if you can’t build a hideout due to lack of materials, well…

4. Very cheap all-in-one hideouts

Pyramids can help you there, too! Crouch and look at the sky while placing, and you can build a tiny little one-structure fort around yourself. It might take some practice to learn the exact mouse movements, especially if you plan on using this mid-combat where you can’t risk screwing up. This sort of mini-fort costs 80% fewer materials than a whole four floors and a roof.

5. Hiding valuable items from your enemies

Did you see another golden SCAR on the ground? You’ve already got one, but you don’t want a future enemy to pick this one up and potentially use it against you, right? Give yourself a leg-up by dissuading them from seeing the item. Just place a pyramid over it and keep on your merry way.

6. Adjusting sniping angles

This is probably the most common use for the roof among high-level players. Much like the first point, the roof is very useful for adjusting your position. This can really help you snipe a specific target by getting your angle perfect. Just be careful the enemy isn’t running with roof tiles to make it hard to draw a bead!

Luckily, most of these tricks are easy to practice and perfect in Playground or a remote part of the map. These may not be game-changing abilities, but they’re useful tricks you’ll want in your Victory Royale toolkit. Put in the time to master the roof tile, and it’ll reward you for your effort. You might even up your skill enough to have a chance at Fortnite‘s upcoming in-game tournaments! Good luck on the battlefield!