Fortnite Guide: How to solve the Season 5, Week 1 challenges
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Season 5 of Fortnite is here, and along with it comes the first set of in-game challenges. This season has a slightly different structure to how challenges are introduced. Rather than providing free players with one set of challenges intended to last all season, new challenges are now introduced each week. For people who purchase the Battle Pass, they will receive an additional set of four challenges each week as well. To read more about the new changes in patch version 5.0 and Season 5, visit our original post covering the patch notes. If you’re up to speed and ready to play, this guide will help you get a jumpstart on the season.

First, let’s review the challenges. As mentioned earlier, there are three free challenges and four accompanying the Battle Pass. From the in-game screen, they are as follows:

  • Deal damage with SMGS to opponents (0/500)
  • Search a Supply Llama (0/1)
  • Clinger, Stink Bomb or Grenade Eliminations (0/3) – HARD
  • Search Chests in Snobby Shores (0/7)
  • Search floating Lightning Bolts (0/7)
  • Follow the Treasure Map in Risky Reels (0/1) – HARD
  • Eliminate opponents in Retail Row (0/3) – HARD

Complete any four of these challenges to earn an additional 5,000 season XP. Unfortunately, this is unobtainable for players without the Battle Pass, as there are only three free challenges.

Guide: Season 5, Week 1’s free challenges

The first challenge, Deal damage with SMGs to opponents, is rather self-explanatory. There are a variety of SMGs, ranging from common rarity to legendary, and can be found fairly easily across the map. Use any of these weapons to deal 500 damage to opponents throughout your matches and you’ll earn five Battle Stars. Ten stars are needed to advance a tier.

Afterward, the Search a Supply Llama challenge is more of a matter of luck. Three Supply Llamas spawn in each match and their locations are random. If you haven’t seen one before, these purple Llamas are similar to Supply Drops in that they provide players with a variety of resources. To unlock, play matches and explore the map until you find one. Hold square, let the Llama pop, and enjoy another five Battle Stars.

Lastly, players need to achieve some eliminations. Using some utility weapons, three Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade Eliminations are needed. Like SMGs, these weapons spawn randomly all over the map. However, unlike the SMG challenge, simply dealing damage with these weapons is not enough. There are numerous approaches players can take in achieving this. I find that this is most easily accomplished by using more force than necessary. For example, don’t stop at throwing one grenade, but instead, throw your whole roll. Fortunately, these weapons drop in clusters. If you find a pack of three Clingers, throw them at a player’s unsuspecting base and watch as they crumble to the ground. For the added effort this challenge requires, players receive 10 Battle Stars, advancing a full tier.

Lightning bolt locations for Season 5 Fortnite Week 1 Challenges
Map courtesy of Epic Games and Erik Kairn of

New for Season 5: Lightning bolts

If you purchased a Battle Pass, there are a few additional challenges this week. Specific to Season 5, one challenge requires a bit of a search. Players need to Search floating Lightning Bolts, seven to be precise. Fortunately, in Fortnite, lightning strikes more than twice. These bolts are scattered in various locations across the map. For new players, this is a great incentive to drop at fresh locations and start learning the map. As for returning veterans, there is a bolt at the center of new location Paradise Palms (formerly Moisty Mire). On the other hand, there doesn’t appear to be one at the other new location, Lazy Links, but that shouldn’t stop you from landing there to explore.

A number of other lightning bolts are still being discovered. If you find any others, let us know!

Battle Pass combat challenges

Per usual, there are a number of combat challenges. For starters, we see the return of a classic, Search Chests in Snobby Shores. Players need to find seven chests, though they don’t have to be in the same match. If you’re new to the game in Season 5, chests are semi-rare items that can be detected by the aura sound they project as well as a golden glow. Though they are not guaranteed to spawn in every match, there are a few specific locations they often appear in. Fortunately, Snobby Shores is rife with these chests. There is usually at least one in each house, so drop in and search away. If you’re having difficulty due to the heavy influx of players competing to find the same chests, wait until the end of the week when it’s less crowded.

Another classic challenge that returns this week is to Eliminate opponents in Retail Row. As with the other combat challenges, this is fairly self-evident. Retail Row is always a popular landing spot, and it’s especially hectic with the inclusion of this challenge. Landing there now is a good opportunity to brush up on your combat skills. Fortunately, players are well-rewarded for the challenge. Eliminate three players either in the same match or in multiple and you earn ten Battle Stars.

Wrapping up Week 1’s challenges

Lastly, Battle Pass players need to Follow the Treasure Map in Risky Reels. There is a video posted above, courtesy of Youtuber GhostNinja, explaining where to find the hidden treasure. However, if you’d prefer a text explanation, follow along below.

As explained in the challenge title, the map is found in Risky Reels. It’s found on the outside of one of the wooden buildings and appears below.

Fortunately, the map is pretty straightforward. If you’re a returning player, this location is clearly the top of the covered tunnel between Tomato Town and the unnamed crate factory north of Retail Row. However, you want to drop near the northern entrance of the tunnel, the side closer to Tomato Town. The hidden Battle Star is directly above the tunnel entrance, but below the grassy area above. If you overshoot your landing, mine some of the trees nearby for resources and build a quick ramp up to the overhang.

That’s it! As a reminder, complete any four challenges to get an extra 5,000 season XP. This early in the season, this should be enough to help you advance a level or two. Let us know if you have any questions about the Season 5, Week 1 challenges! As this is our first week providing a guide, we appreciate any feedback on how it can be more useful for you as readers and as players. Stay tuned for additional coverage of this season’s Battle Pass, as well as any new updates that find their way into the game.