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Article Updated (5:00PM EST 12/17/18): The Driftboard has been delayed. According to a Reddit thread and a note posted on the official Fortnite Twitter, the item needs to be tested and balanced further. No new announcement date for the Driftboard has been released at this time. The latest patch will instead focus on various “quality of life and balance improvements” for the rest of the game.

Fortnite fans and players have something to be excited for tomorrow. An exciting new vehicle is coming alongside the next update, Version 7.10. The news came via an in-game announcement from Epic Games before the update goes live. Players will be getting The Driftboard which Epic describes as a new single player item:  “Hop on board and boost past your competition with this new single player vehicle!

It looks pretty sweet and what better way to go with the new Season 7 winter them then by introducing what is basically a souped-up snowboard. We’re sure players will take full advantage of utilizing this new vehicle in Battle Royale sessions. Fortnite certainly needed its share of shaping up. An unfortunate thing that recently occurred is that The Infinity Blade weapon was removed from the game. Players complained that the item was way too overpowered and that they had no way to counter it. When Epic stated on Reddit they would make some tweaks to the sword that unfortunately never happened.

Fortnite Players Say The Game Is Littered With Bugs

Fortnite will also see an update to the Stormwing Plane. The damage now being dealt to players is being doubled from 25-50. This makes the Stormwing an even more formidable force that you may want to avoid. A number of other patch updates and bug fixes are also on the way such as fixes to zip lines.

The Fortnite community seems split on adding another new vehicle when claims that current ones that are extremely buggy and require fixing are seemingly going unheard. Some players even went so far as to say that the game as becoming almost unplayable. A recent plane exploit that was discovered today lets players literally go under the map. Epic perhaps may want to listen to its fanbase and players and fix problems before introducing new content to the game. Hopefully, once the update goes live players will see some of the issues resolved.