Fortnite could see the return of Vending Machines later in Season 2
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Vending Machines were first introduced in Fortnite during Season 8, and players immediately enjoyed the mechanic. Suddenly, there was a use for your unwanted materials and the ability to secure a high-tier weapon without looting for it. The way the machines worked was tweaked here and there, but the overall structure stayed the same throughout its life cycle.

Of course, that ended when Epic Games decided to vault the machines with the debut of Fortnite Chapter 2. However, a recent glitch in the game has given fans a reason to believe Vending Machines are coming back.

Glitch spurs speculation regarding Vending Machines

This isn’t the first time a glitch has hinted at a future piece of content in Fortnite. For whatever reason, Fortnite updates tend to leak various items through random glitches on the map. The same has seemingly happened with the latest update.

Thanks to a Reddit user, we get to see Vending Machines glitched onto the Season 2 island. While this doesn’t mean the machines are back in Fortnite, it definitely bodes well for their possible future return.

I got excited thinking that vending machines were back from FortNiteBR

For a brief second in the above clip, a Vending Machine spawns in near Frenzy Farm. It wasn’t interactable and disappeared within seconds, but this certainly wasn’t an accidental glitch. More often than not, this kind of thing happens when Epic is testing out mechanics for a future update.

So, it seems like the developers were messing around with Vending Machine locations before the most recent update. When the update went live, a piece of code for the Vending Machines must have been left behind, resulting in the glitch.

We saw a similar glitch before in Fortnite Chapter 2, but that was back in January. Perhaps this new glitch signals that Epic Games is getting closer to reimplementing Vending Machines.

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