Fortnite could be teasing new event with mysterious marks in California
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Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 begins in about nine days on Feb. 20. This is after a couple of delays by Epic Games though, so we need to tread lightly when it comes to release dates. In past seasons, a week or two before the new iteration releases we have usually seen some kind of clue to an in-game event. In Season 4, it was a Durr Burger in the California desert that was teasing the rifts. Well, a year and a half later, that same spot in California appears to be in use again.

Real-life Fortnite vault in California?

When the Durr Burger appeared in Llano, California, fans were beyond excited. This was the first time Fortnite transcended the actual game, and many theories were floated about the Durr Burger’s presence.

Of course, we now know that this was pointing to the rifts that were introduced in Season 5. Although, after the season began, no one really needed to wonder about the real-life Durr Burger anymore. That is — until one fan decided to check up on it today.

A Reddit user by the name of ElectroTurtle17 took it upon themselves to go into Google Maps and check out the Durr Burger’s location in the Llano desert. However, what they found wasn’t the Durr Burger, but what appears to be the Fortnite vault.

At the real life durr burger location there are marks in the ground that are strangely similiar to the vault from the old island, seems pretty wierd to me… from FortNiteBR

As we can see, this looks an awful lot like the vault from Loot Lake in Season X. If you remember, the vault ended up sucking everything up from the original island, leaving us with the black hole. While this isn’t going to happen in the real world, it’s curious that Epic Games may have redrawn the vault in this location.

Image result for fortnite loot lake vault

We don’t have any confirmation that Fortnite is even behind the vault drawing in California. However, it is notable that this was discovered just days before Season 2 is set to launch.

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