Fortnite Champion Series Finals: Schedule and how to watch
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The Fortnite Champion Series ends this weekend with the Season Finals. From Friday, Sept 20 until Sunday, Sept 22, the top trios in the world will compete for first place and tons of prize money. Each region runs separately. For the past five weeks, teams have battled to qualify for the Series Finals. Now, trios will play two rounds of competitions over the weekend.

First, teams are broken down into Heats. Then, the top trios from each Heat advance to the Grand Finals on Sunday. Both Heats and the Grand Finals consist of only six games. Between the seven regions, Epic Games has put up over ten million dollars in prize money.

How to watch the Fortnite Champion Series Finals

The Fortnite Champion Series Finals can be watched three different ways. First, the official Fortnite channel will cast games live on their own website, YouTube, and Twitch. Based on previous events, the channel will bring on casters to breakdown the action in real-time. Typically, the official channel provides the best and most up-to-date standings.

Secondly, players can broadcast their own viewpoint. Many participants will stream the action live on their preferred platform. These streams are usually the most viewer-friendly option, as you can see and hear everything from the players’ point of view. Unfortunately, not all players stream competitions, so viewers’ options may be limited. Additionally, most players that stream will do so with a delay. You’ll want to check and see if your favorite player is streaming the event.

Finally, viewers can watch every players’ perspective from within the Fortnite game. The in-game option allows fans to pick their favorite players and load up games with a slight delay. Viewers are given the same tools that are typically found in replay mode. This option comes without casters or players’ communications but gives the most flexibility. To watch in-game, go to the “Compete” tab. Then, click on “Session Leaderboard” and choose a team. To change regions, simply go into the settings and adjust the region.

Fortnite Champion Series Finals schedule

The action kicks off on Friday, Sept 20 with the Middle East region. Then, play continues throughout the entire weekend. Finally, the weekend-long Fortnite Champion Series concludes with the Grand Finals of the NAW region. In each region, matches will run every 30 minutes and consist of six total matches. The top eight trios from each Heat advance to the Grand Finals. Then, the Grand Finals determine final placements. The Heats and Grand Finals have the same format of six matches that run every 30 minutes during the region’s respective time.

Note: three regions (OCE, Asia, and ME) only include two heats. Instead of eight teams per heat, 16 teams advance in these regions. 

fortnite champion series finals schedule by region

FNCS comes to an end

This weekend will conclude the Fortnite Champion Series for Season X. Players battled through five weeks to qualify for the Season Finals. The conclusion of this competition will bring out the best trios play ever seen. Teams practiced for many months leading up to the Grand Finals. Now, it is time to put that preparation to the test.

Who do you believe wins the FNCS? Who is your underdog pick? Comment your thoughts below! Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all of your Fortnite Champion Series coverage, and follow @somebodysgun on Twitter for live updates throughout the weekend.