Fortnite boat glitch sends players underneath the map
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Fortnite‘s transition to a new physics system with Unreal’s Chaos engine has brought new glitches to the game. Epic likely expected this, as they created a card on their official Trello board asking players to report any physics bugs they encounter. However, issues as extreme as Fortnite players being sent under the map when using boats have left fans frustrated.

Currently, boats are the only vehicle in the game, making their use rather important. Players can use boats on land as well as water, and they can fire rockets to attack enemies or destroy buildings. Even so, the new glitch is leading Fortnite players to avoid them altogether.

Pushed beneath the Fortnite map

A video shared on Reddit shows this glitch in action. A Fortnite player traveling on land via a boat destroys part of a house and jumps out to collect some loot. When they attempt to get back in the boat, however, they suddenly find themselves under the ground. They have a few seconds to swim through the void before the game eliminates them from the match.

I feel like this isn’t supposed to happen from FortNiteBR

Another player encountered the boat glitch when driving off the waterfall. Their video shows their squad and flying through the air in their boat. When the boat falls and impacts against the ground, however, several of their players find themselves under the map. The Reddit user claims that this has happened to them twice so far. As such, Fortnite players may need to be extra cautious around this part of the map.

DO NOT GO OFF THE WATERFALL ON A BOAT (happened twice) from FortNiteBR

It is unknown when this boat glitch will be fixed, as Epic Games has yet to respond to the issue. For now, many players will likely just stop using boats entirely. No one wants to encounter this glitch and suffer an unavoidable death.

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