Fortnite: Battle Hound Outfit and Silver Fang Pickaxe available once again
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According to a tweet sent out by the official Fortnite channel, a much-requested skin is once again available in-game. The Battle Hound Outfit and the Silver Fang Pickaxe are now available for players to purchase in the game client.

This outfit was first available in the game back in March but was eventually removed. Epic had initially said that it would not return to the shop, much to the chagrin of the many players who didn’t have a chance to purchase it. As always, a supposedly limited skin returning to the store will probably be met with mixed reactions; glee from those who get to purchase it for the first time, and irritation from those who purchased it before.
Epic’s decision to limit the skin in the first place was met with controversy. Many players hold the belief that only Battle Pass skins should be rare. For obvious reasons, the idea that ordinary skins can become limited is not something that most players are comfortable with.