Fortnite announces JoyRide update which introduces cars into Season 3
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The announcement everyone has been waiting all Season 3 for is finally here, as Fortnite is introducing cars later this week. Epic Games revealed that the “JoyRide Update” will arrive on Wednesday, August 5. presumably at 4:00-5:00 am ET. This update will most likely only contain the new vehicles, but we’re not sure which cars are arriving. As previously leaked, there are several different car types in Fortnite. As of right now, we only know of the Whiplash sports car coming to the game with the JoyRide Update.

Fortnite finally adding cars in Season 3

The above image is a presumed loading screen for Season 3. As you can see, the car’s name is Whiplash and it sports a blue coat of paint with a red racing stripe. It’s unknown if every Whiplash on the map will sport this same paint job, however.

Many in the community are wondering if this is the only vehicle coming in the JoyRide Update. Fortnite didn’t show off any of the other vehicles, which includes a pick-up truck and 18-wheeler, and that raises some questions. Epic Games has already delayed the cars update for a long time so perhaps the other vehicles aren’t ready for Season 3.

Regardless though, Whiplash is at least entering the game on August 5. It’s expected that the Whiplash will fall into the “Medium Car” category. This means that the vehicle should have around 1,000 health and a fuel capacity of 100. Epic Games should also be introducing the gas can ammo type with this update, as it’s how to fuel each vehicle.

Besides that, there aren’t too many details surrounding cars. Fortnite has been purposely vague on this subject but the update couldn’t have come at a better time. Boats recently were taken out of the game due to bug problems, so cars should help solve the temporary traversal issue.

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