Fortnite adding to Icon Series with Pokimane skin and emote
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Epic Games seems to be wasting no time in adding to Fortnite‘s Icon Series. With Tyler “Ninja” Blevins receiving a skin and emote earlier this week, the Icon Series was kicked off. However, it appears that Imane “Pokimane” Anys is the next in line. Thanks to data-miners, we now have visual confirmation of a Pokimane emote and rumors of a skin. It’s reported that Fortnite will make an announcement later today regarding the skin and emote. Pokimane herself also has an announcement planned for today, so all signs point to this being the case.

Pokimane skin coming soon

The Icon Series is a celebration of celebrities, gamers, and influencers who all have dedicated some time to Fortnite. Each member of the series will receive some kind of cosmetic in Fortnite, as we saw with Ninja. We don’t know if every member will receive a skin or not, but that’s most likely the case.

While we thought some other creators would be announced, it looks like Pokimane is next. Fortnite data-miners @ShiinaBR and @FNBRUnreleased have provided the footage of Pokimane’s emote via Twitter:

The emote is simply named “Poki”, which makes sense. The emote itself is one of Pokimane’s famous dances from her Tik Tok account. Unfortunately, there’s no image of the skin that will be releasing alongside the emote. According to ShiinaBR, Epic Games has locked the files where the emote and skin can be accessed.

Although, ShiinaBR reports that an announcement from Fortnite is coming later today. This syncs up perfectly with an announcement that Pokimane will be making. While it’s unlikely the cosmetics will appear in the Item Shop, we should expect them to arrive in the coming days.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further developments to this story here at Daily Esports!

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