Former PUBG Director Jake Sin rejoins Riot Games
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The previous Director of Esports at PUBG, Jake “The Jaker” Sin, has announced his return to Riot Games. He will begin his new role as the Esports Special Project Lead. Sin announced his return on Twitter, adding that he will also support Riot Games Korea.

Joining Riot Games once more

Sin shared on Twitter that he is back at Riot Games in Seoul. Plenty of former colleagues and current hosts responded with a warm welcome back to the team. Alongside the post, he hints about what he is planning to do next for Riot Games. As far as we know, he will work on launching esports for Riot’s new titles while being involved in Korea’s League of Legends scene.

Leaving PUBG Corp

Last December, Sin made the tough decision of leaving the PUBG organization. “I’m incredibly proud of what my small team was able to accomplish… Of course, there are many things I wished were done better,” he said.

Afterwards, he went on a hunt for new opportunities to grow. Before being a part of PUBG, he worked for Riot as an esports manager until 2017. Sin will also have more company-wide resources to use, something PUBG Corp didn’t provide him with.

Previous PUBG Corp colleague Everett Coleman had a few kind words for Sin. “You’re one of the best to ever do it. Can’t wait to see everything you have in store. GLHF, Jake!”

New titles coming soon

Some of the newly released Riot titles that Sin will work on include auto-battler Teamfight Tactics and card-game set Legends of Runeterra. Riot is also set to release a few more titles including a first-person shooter (Project A), a mobile game, and a fighter game. It will be some time before they develop the esports scene for any of these new games. League of Legends has a large enough esports scene that may help support the development of future ones.

We wish Sin good luck to all of his future endeavors. Riot Games will be putting in some major work this year. We’re looking forward to all of the upcoming projects to be released. 

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