Former Orgless member Infinite switches from CSGO to Valorant
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Valorant is attracting all sort of professional players, and that includes former Orgless member Gage “Infinite” Green. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) player announced his switch to Valorant, a decision coming after the disbanding of his former team. He shared his decision through a TwitLonger, stating that CSGO did not provide sufficient income.

Infinite recently went through a tough time with the new Canadian team Orgless, which disbanded in April. They formed in February of this year but quickly went downhill as they suffered from several losses in professional competitions. During their participation in ESL One: Road to Rio North America, they were not picking up any sponsors. This resulted in their disbanding.

In his statement, Infinite explained the current ecosystem of North American CSGO is not working out for him. Since Valorant is gaining in popularity, he sees plenty of opportunity there. He acknowledged that moving up in the game will be far from easy, but he nevertheless stated, “I am confident that I can find my place as one of the world’s best in this new game.” He hopes his fans will keep supporting him despite the switch in focus.

Finally switching

His decision was not completely unexpected, as he previously alluded to the switch in games: The day before Orgless disbanded, he tweeted that he was “thinking twice about” CSGO. Although, in a previous tweet from April, he had expressed that he would never switch to Valorant.

At the moment, Infinite has not officially joined any team. As Valorant is a fairly new game, organizations are just beginning to search for players to take part in competitions. Infinite will be joining other former CSGO players who have made the switch to Valorant in hopes of finding success in this wildly popular game.

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