Former Cloud9 player LemonNation tests positive for COVID-19
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One of Cloud9’s original League of Legends members, Daerek “LemonNation” Hart, has tested positive for COVID-19, he revealed in a tweet Thursday night. Currently, he is avoiding infecting others by self-isolating at home.

LemonNation received a COVID-19 test by visiting a drive-through clinic in South Los Angeles. He shared he felt mild symptoms and decided to get tested once his roommate’s partner tested positive for the virus. Unfortunately, he is not the first professional player to test positive for COVID-19. Almost a week ago, Paris Eternal’s Smex revealed that he is recovering well from the infection after also experiencing mild symptoms.

In an outburst of support, his followers left replies on his tweet, wishing him the best. As the pandemic continues to claim more lives every day, it’s a relief to many that his symptoms aren’t serious.

About LemonNation

Over time, LemonNation has been considered one of the most popular League of Legends players in the esports scene. He began his career as a high-Elo support player, eventually moving up to the professional teams. In 2012, he reached rank 1 in Solo Queue as support. While putting his skills to work, he was picked up by Orbit Gaming, and soon after he was acquired by Quantic Gaming. Afterward, he gained popularity by becoming one of the founding members of Cloud9.

He then continued to play for Cloud9 until 2016, when he announced retirement. He came back into the scene in 2017 to play with now-FlyQuest. The last team he had professionally played for was Optic Gaming in 2018.

Plenty of esports events and teams have faced difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many events have gone forward with online-only matches that exclude the presence of an audience and staff. Unfortunately, there’s no end in sight as to when the pandemic will be over. In the meantime, organizations are trying their best to accommodate their staff while also communicating to fans.

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