Force of Virtue continues big Force cycle in Modern Horizons
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The Force cycle in Modern Horizons has given us a powerful card for every color so far. Black got Force of Despair, blue received Force of Negation, and Green got Force of Vigor. Now the fourth card has been revealed, giving white its turn in the spotlight. Enter Force of Virtue!

Force of Virtue, Modern Horizons Force of Virtue English Translation

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Unlike all the Force cards in the cycle, Force of Virtue is an enchantment with flash instead of an instant. Just like the others though, it lets you cheat its mana cost on your opponent’s turn by exiling a white card from your hand. The payoff? All your creatures get +1/+1.

On the surface, this seems very underwhelming. Dictate of Heliod has never been Modern playable, and is also a 4 mana flash enchantment, but pumps your creatures for +2/+2. The trick lies in that Force of Virtue comes down for no mana. Imagine this scenario: your opponent plays a second plains and passes. You attack with your creature. Your opponent casts Raise the Alarm, making two 1/1s. Then, they flash in Force of Virtue and suddenly they have 4 power on the battlefield and you just lost your creature.

The big question is what deck will Force of Virtue find a home in? The requirement of needing to exile a white card limits it to 2 color or mono-white decks. White tokens seem like the most likely home. Going wide with a bunch of small creatures and then pumping them is always solid. Other possible homes could be some sort of white weenie build or an aggressive Boros creature deck. The possibilities are unfortunately limited, but there are definitely some options for this underdog card.

What do you think about Force of Virtue? Is it an underwhelming card on the surface, or do you think it has the potential to make an impact? Let us know down in the comments below! For all other Modern Horizons spoilers revealed today, check out our complete Day 4 roundup!