Force of Rage looks like the worst Force card in Modern Horizons
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Ever since the Modern Horizons Force cycle was first revealed in spoilers early this week, the community has been anxiously waiting for each entry. Free spells are always powerful and the excitement around the reveal of the last card has been palpable throughout the playerbase. Many speculated that the red Force card would be a banger, blowing up lands or dealing damage. Well, the final card has finally been revealed, and honestly, it’s a little underwhelming. Let’s take a look at the all-new Force of Rage.

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Force of Rage Modern Horizons


Force of Rage is an instant for 2 Red and a colorless mana. Like the rest of the Force cycle, it can be cast for free on your opponent’s turn by exiling a red card from your hand. It creates two 3/1 elementals with haste & trample that die on your upkeep.

Immediately, several issues jump out about this card. The only reason you have to cast this on your opponent’s turn is to make chump blockers that go away. You just went minus 2 to protect your life total in red, a huge waste of resources. Trying to play the card aggressively is fine, but there is a myriad of better burn cards out there. Many options can just go face instead of having to worry about blockers getting in the way. At its best, Force of Rage is a final push into an empty board for game. At its worst, it’s a limited combat trick.


So where does Force of Rage fit into modern? Out of the whole cycle, it is by far the worst card. Maybe it fits in a Boros extra turn shell already playing cards like Sundial of the Infinite to end the turn and keep your tokens forever. Even then, it’s a stretch. The card is remarkably balanced — unfortunately, in Modern, fair cards rarely do well.

What do you think about Force of Rage? Is there a janky combo you plan on trying it with, or is it secretly a sleeper Mono Red all-star? Let us know down in the comments below! For more coverage of all coming and past Modern Horizons spoilers, keep up on our Magic: The Gathering page!