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Crowd favorites Fnatic defeat Nora-Rengo in the Rainbow Six Siege Six Masters.

PAX Australia was home to the Six Masters. The Six Masters is currently the biggest Rainbow Six Siege tournament ever to take place in APAC. The four-team invitational saw Team Nora-Renga from Japan, and the Aussies: Fnatic, Athletico Esports, and ViewSonic DarkSided battle it out. The four teams played on the PAX Arena stage at day 2 of PAX Aus. The tournament showcased these four teams through a semi-final and grand final playoff.

Road to the Grand Final

Semi-final 1 saw Fnatic take on DarkSided. Whilst Fnatic were the clear favorites to win, DarkSided put up a good fight. DarkSided almost pulled off an upset with the semi-final being taken to two overtimes. And although the more experienced team ultimately won, the game proved DarkSided can compete with the best.

Semi-final 2 saw the Japanese Nora-Renga play against Athletico. Nora-Renga were the pick, having been the Season 8 APAC Champions. Similar to the first semi-final, Nora-Renga should have come away with an easy win. Athletico however showed they aren’t ones to mess around with and gave NR a run for their money. Both semi-finals were packed with fans glued to the screen for the duration of the matches.

But everyone was waiting for the Grand Final. After beating Fnatic 2-0 in the previous finals, it was almost certain Nora-Renga would take the win. Being the Aussies, Fnatic had the crowd with them. One might say they had the home-ground advantage. The casters and stage hosts were quick to say that “Nora-Renga will surely win.” Fnatic would prove them wrong! After an intense BO3 series, Fnatic claimed victory. The team members are now crowned “The Masters.” Congratulations to Fnatic. If you missed the games, rewatch all the action at the official Rainbow Six Siege ANZ Twitch channel.

Rainbow Six Siege

Whilst Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t seem to be as big as other FPS games like CS:GO, it’s certainly a game that is growing. There’s a lot more going on in the game than in CS:GO. It’s also a lot more colorful. This could make Rainbow Six appeal to a wider audience than CS. One thing is definitely clear: The Six Masters is a testament to the growth of Rainbow Six. We’re sure to see more Rainbow Six Siege as the game grows in popularity. What are your thoughts? Do you think Siege will becoming bigger? Does it have a wider audience appeal than CS:GO?

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