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United Kingdom-based esports organization Fnatic has finalized a rebranding with a new logo. On their official website, Fnatic shares its plans and ideas for the upcoming year. After teasing a rebrand for some time, they’re excited to show off their new logo and Fnatic Alpha kit.

“Going into 2020, we will be moving forward with our mission(;) Fnatic will be present in every continent across the globe,” the statement says. “We will be closer – online and offline – to more fans more often.” They will be joining other esports organizations in the move to make positive changes for the season.

Redesigning their logo

First, they have decided to change their widely known logo. From what fans can see, it’s a much simpler version of the old one. Fortunately, its being as simple as it is will make it easier to transfer on to products. “The logo symbol that is geometrically perfect and aesthetically balanced,” they say.

The symbol is very close to what it used to look like. This is a safer route to take, keeping in mind that another esports team recently remodeled their logo and received plenty of bad feedback. Aligning with their goals and values, it looks like this version of Fnatic’s logo is here to stay.

Alpha Kit

Another thing they’ve added is an alternative kit. The Alpha Kit is a shop that includes some new Fnatic merchandise. This would be their new Alpha Jersey in both black and orange and Alpha flag. Along with the Alpha Kit, the Pro Kit is also available, listing their branded joggers, jackets, and jerseys.

Overall, this is a great step towards an exciting future for Fnatic. Along with their rebranding, their League of Legends team was recently invited by Gucci to attend Milan Fashion Week. A whole season of business moves and staff acquisition is the mark of progress – and we can’t wait to hear more.