FlyQuest announce teaRIOT as official energy drink of the team
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Today FlyQuest announce their partnership with teaRIOT, an energy drink company owned and operated out of Venice, California. This comes as another big announcement from the team, as last week they announced their women’s esports clothing line. Check out our coverage from that announcement.

From FlyQuest CEO Ryan Edens

“At FlyQuest, we know great partnerships stem from aligned values,” said Ryan Edens, CEO of FlyQuest. “We are excited to find a partner in teaRIOT whose values of positivity and showcasing greatness align with our own. We believe that this partnership will benefit not only our fans, but our own players and staff by providing a healthier, alternative source to traditional energy drinks.”

FlyQuest announce teaRIOT as official energy drink of the team
Jason “WILDTURTLE” Tran with teaRIOT. Photo from FlyQuest Marketing Manager, Steve Forton

FlyQuest is yet another team to partner with a drink. Others include TSM and Dr. Pepper, Cloud9 and Red Bull, Echo Fox and CELSIUS, MTN DEW® AMP® GAME FUEL® and OpTic Gaming, and Golden Guardians and Madrinas Coffee.

This partnership will see teaRIOT joining FlyQuest through myriad digital and live events, including the FlyQuest college Esports Career Workshops, “a career panel and networking fair event aimed at introducing college students to new esports careers and companies working in the esports industry.” These workshops will be hosted on college campuses around the U.S. The first occurred last week at UC Irvine, which saw over 400 attendees and 67,000 viewers watching online via Twitch.

From teaRIOT co-founder Laura Jakobsen

“We are thrilled to partner with FlyQuest to fuel player performance and well-being with a better energy alternative to traditional energy drinks containing questionable ingredients,” said Laura co-founder of teaRIOT. “teaRIOT is a perfect match for esports. Each bottle offers 100% plant-based energy with no added sugar powered by tea’s combination of natural caffeine and 100mg of L-theanine, an amino acid in tea, that helps sustain energy as well as boost cognitive performance and focus which is vital to game play.”

TeaRIOT is available nationally at Whole Foods Markets and online at Amazon and For more information on teaRIOT, check out their FAQ page.