Florida Mutineers announce Havok to start for CDL Stage 3
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The greasiest player in Call of Duty officially rejoined the league April 17, as Colt “Havok” McLendon is back on the Florida Mutineers’ starting roster. The team announced the promotion earlier this afternoon with a simple GIF that all Mutineers fans understand.

Havok comes in to replace Josiah “Slacked” Berry, who was underperforming thus far. In Stage 2, however, he really slowed Florida down, leading to an eventual second-round exit in the Stage 2 Major.

Originally, Havok was on the starting roster, but up-and-coming rookie Travis “Neptune” McCloud arrived on the scene and demoted the former starter. Beginning in Stage 3, the two will join forces and have a chance to bring Florida back into contention.

Havok rejoins Florida Mutineers after short bench stint

With the CDL moving toward a more rookie-focused roster model, it wasn’t surprising when Havok was benched for Neptune. Most organizations are looking for the next Chris “Simp” Lehr and, unfortunately for Havok, he didn’t fit the bill.

The move hasn’t necessarily worked out for the Mutineers, though. They currently sit in ninth place with 60 points and a 6-9 record. There’s no sole cause for this underwhelming performance. But, Slacked did have the lowest stats on the roster, making the decision clear for Florida.

In his place comes Havok, a player who performed on an average level for the Mutineers during the 2020 season. Obviously, the organization has liked what they’ve seen from him during Black Ops Cold War.

He went in for a tryout earlier this week to see how well he meshed with the current roster. Apparently, the team thought the tryout went well, as he seemingly beat out other amateur players like Christian “Yeez” Faircloth.

Havok and the Mutineers will play for the first time in the London Royal Ravens Home Series, which begins on April 22.

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