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With more signing news coming out, the Shanghai Dragons of the Overwatch League are making moves. Recently, they announced most of their previous season’s roster is staying for 2020, besides Kyungwoo “CoMa” Son. However, their latest signing makes their DPS lineup even more versatile.

The Shanghai Dragons have signed DPS player Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim, formerly of the Seoul Dynasty.

Flexible Fleta signs

Fleta is known as the example of versatility in the Overwatch League. Playing for the Seoul Dynasty in the past two seasons, he was an all-star and led Seoul to most of their success. On the Overwatch League stage, we’ve seen him play Genji, Pharah, Hanzo, Widowmaker and McCree all at a top tier. But that just scratches the surface, also being a well renowned Ashe, Reaper and Mei player.

He never led his team to victory, but in their second season he did impress when on stage. In the 2018 Overwatch World Cup, he was one of the reasons they stomped the competition and won gold. A lot of criticism on Fleta has been about whether he can truly take over a match. There has been flashes of brilliance, and great consistency, but the results haven’t come with it all. The Seoul Dynasty have only been in contention for a title twice in their entire existence.

Will this change with Shanghai?

One thing that Fleta brings to Shanghai is a true Swiss Army knife to any meta or situation. Instead of having to rely on their two DPS players fitting into the meta, they can adapt better. Considering we know how good the Dragons can be, proven by their stage 3 title victory, this is an absolute win of a signing. Fleta will not only add competition to their starting DPS players, but also make the DPS pool much more adaptable. Considering Shanghai went from being title contenders to middle of the pack team in one stage, Fleta will improve their team without a doubt.

The only risk with Fleta is, if he isn’t needed for the metas in 2020, will he be satisfied being on the bench? In his second season of the league, he didn’t play towards the end of the season. The Seoul Dynasty’s backup players ended up becoming their starting roster in an interesting journey. I’d imagine that Fleta didn’t want to stay with the Dynasty and risk being benched again. He is clearly wanting to prove he is one of the best players in the league. Essentially, if the Dragons play him right, there shouldn’t be any issue with this signing. But, if they don’t need him to win, he might be a player who doesn’t touch the roster at all. Either way, we’ll have to wait and see if Fleta finishes his redemption arc in 2020.

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