Five teams to watch going into the ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs
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On Sunday, the top 20 North American Apex Legends teams will compete in the first tournament of their 2021-2022 Apex Legends Global Series season, the ALGS NA Split 1 Playoffs. Twenty is a pretty overwhelming number, though, so if fans are not quite sure who to keep an eye on during he tournament, they should check these teams out.


Sentinels are absolutely a favorite going into this tournament. The squad of Trenton “Lou” Clements (formerly of Complexity), Nicholas “crust” Kell and Adam “senoxe” Lau have consistently found ways to crush their competition this season, and finished things out at number one on the leaderboard, winning the final game with 18 kills. They are absolutely armed and dangerous; the other teams should be on their guard on Sunday.


When they’re in the zone, Complexity are no slouches. They took seventh overall this season, and were within striking distance of top three at times. Using their strategic playstyle, Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller, Ryan “Reptar” Boyd and Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy have managed to achieve some highly impressive feats, like their 76 point match day on Oct. 31 last year. Though not as outwardly dominant as a team like Sentinels, Complexity look poised to give the top dogs a run for their money.


TSM are in an interesting position going into the Playoffs. Between the end of the regular season and this tournament, the team had a significant roster change, replacing Eric “Snip3down” Wrona with former Esports Arena player Evan Verhulst. While this does put the team at a disadvantage – they haven’t had as much time to practice together as a squad – it doesn’t mean they’re completely out. If they manage to play confidently, they may be able to surprise everyone.


SpaceStation placed right behind TSM and just above Complexity at sixth this season, matching Compexity’s final score of 30. The squad of Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez, Angello “Xenial” Cadenas and Mark “Dropped” Thees have consistently shown up in their individual game days, taking multiple wins on singular match days and managing to climb to the top of match day leaderboards. They’re a solid team, and while they may not have the impact of Sentinels, I think they’ll definitely be worth watching on Sunday.

Esports Arena

Esports Arena are currently the third place team for North America. They’re another team in an interesting position due to roster changes. Since Verhulst went to TSM, ESA has had to field a replacement. So far, that substitute has been Cloud9 streamer Logan “Knoqd” Layou; the 21-year-old has been streaming with the team for most of January. How this new team composition stands up to the best in the region is up in the air until Sunday, but it will certainly be exciting to watch.