Five strange things about Apex Legends' new legend, Wattson
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Season 2 of Apex Legends begins tomorrow, and we could not be any more excited for the arrival of Wattson. The new legend has a completely unique playstyle and a fascinating background. But there are also a few things about her that seem a little… odd.

Wattson doesn’t fully understand death

While perfectly dainty and whimsical in her mannerisms, Wattson shows off a bit of a sadistic streak in her finishers. After demolecularizing Gibraltar, she seems completely surprised and even and a little impressed by the light show. There is nothing but fascination in her reaction.

Later in the trailer we see her second finisher, in which she electrocutes another legend and then acts out some mock horror. This time it’s clear: her attitude towards killing is playful and completely without remorse. We can infer that Wattson either doesn’t understand how death works, or is a complete monster.

Wattson is bad with guns

Gunplay is the most important aspect of Apex Legends, yet Wattson seems strangely averse to shooting guns. She is the only legend to not have a signature weapon – like Bangalore’s G7 Scout or Wraith’s RE-45. In the Apex Legends Season 2 reveal trailer, she is seen running with a gun and hugging it to her chest, almost as if she is just bringing it to another legend.

This is emphasized in her playstyle. Her abilities have easy-to-recharge cooldowns, and they take careful placement. Wattson appears to be a legend that relies less on firearms and more on her unique skills.

Wattson may have created the best anti-Wattson gun

While she may not be good at shooting with one, Wattson definitely made some of the guns in Apex Legends. We know she was involved with the creation of the Apex games, and a couple of legendary weapon skins in the store have her insignia on them.

One of these is the Galvanizer Alternator you see below. The Alternator and the RE-45 are the only two guns able to equip the new Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which deals increased damage against shields. And we know Wattson’s Interception Pylon will recharge her squad-mates’ shields. This interaction makes the Alternator a strong anti-Wattson weapon in Season 2.

Galvanizer Alternator SMG from Apex Legends has the name Wattson on it

She literally left her toys around the arena

The letter Wattson’s dad left features a line about her “stuffed Nessie.” We know that Wattson grew up around the Apex games, hanging out with other legends and spending countless hours on Kings Canyon. This makes it more than likely that the Nessie plushies players have found around the island belong to her.

Every single thing about her has a hidden meaning

There are more curious facts and hidden details about Natalie Paquette. We all know her moniker is a play on the word watt, but it’s possible that her real name is also a hint about her background. “Paquette” is the family version of the personal name “Pascal”. And the most famous Pascal in history is Blaise Pascal, a “child prodigy who was educated by his father.”

While most of Wattson’s outfit reflects her abilities, her actual clothes are a mix of air and space gear. She appears to wear a short bomber jacket, and her hood looks a lot like an astronaut’s “Snoop Cap.” The fractal scar visible on the left side of her face is a Lichtenberg scar. People sometimes get similar scarring after electrical accidents or getting struck by lightning.

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