Firstkiller transfers to Rogue before RLCS debut, Mist joins Ghost
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Before he even made his official RLCS debut, Jason “Firstkiller” Corral has already made a transfer. Having originally been announced by Ghost Gaming on Jan. 11, he has now switched to join Rogue instead and will be replaced by Nick “Mist” Costello, who came from Pittsburgh Knights.

Firstkiller controversy

The first signs of something going awry with Firstkiller’s spot on Ghost surfaced last week when his Twitter profile was suddenly missing all of Ghost’s logos. Many quickly jumped to the conclusion that he must have been removed from the roster after several Twitch clips from several years ago were posted publicly. In them, Firstkiller said less than charming things, to say the least, and a discussion was immediately sparked whether professional players should be held accountable for what they said when they were 12 or 13 years old, years down the line. But Firstkiller remained quiet on the matter, as did Ghost Gaming and his teammates. Fans were grasping in the dark for what was truly happening.

Now, with the announcement of Mist joining the roster, it was confirmed that Firstkiller is indeed no longer part of Ghost, before even making his debut in the RLCS. But fans of Firstkiller don’t have to fear, as the American prodigy has signed with Rogue, whom many thought would pick up Mist instead. It’s certainly an unexpected turn of events, and it once more reiterates that the roster shuffle is not over until all the organizations have confirmed their teams — even after the roster lock, which was two days ago.

Why Firstkiller is no longer on the team, however, remains a mystery for now. Perhaps Ghost and their players decided to make a more experienced signing over a debutant, or perhaps Firstkiller’s past remarks really did catch up with him. What is worth noting, however, is that Ghost announced that he was “transferred,” rather than released.

Mist joins Ghost Gaming

Mist had already made an unexpected move by trying out with a different team after a successful second half of 2019. This lost him his spot on the Pittsburgh Knights, who replaced him with Austin “Ayyjayy” Aebi. Mist, however, had not yet found a team — or so we thought. Initially, it was rumored that he was trying out with Cloud9 but that he had failed to secure a spot on the roster. Then after Ayyjayy joined and Cloud9 confirmed their usual team, many fans thought Rogue was the only available destination.

But the RLCS off-season would not be the off-season without a wild twist, so Mist joins a roster that was already confirmed, replacing a player who had only been on the team for 9 days. Whether this is an upgrade or downgrade for Mist remains to be seen, but at least we’ll see him in the RLCS for season 9.

Michael Kloos is a Dutch esports journalist and enthusiast with a particular like of Rocket League and VALORANT. He is also an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer. He spends most of his time trying not to be in the real world.