Gameplay video of Fortnite‘s new Getaway LTM, Grappler item confirmed
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Yesterday at PAX West, Epic Games unveiled the first gameplay footage of a new Fortnite limited time mode, the Getaway LTM. This heist-themed mode is part of the upcoming High Stakes event.

In addition, Epic also shows footage of the new Grappler item. Previously teased as a “new mobility item” in last week’s developer video update, players can try it out for themselves later this week.

High Stakes: The Getaway LTM and the Grappler

While the majority of limited time modes simply change the number of players or weapons available, The Getaway LTM features a more dramatic shift in gameplay. For starters, there are four winning teams in each match. This is a significant change from the typical “last player standing” approach of Battle Royale.

In order to be one of the winners, players must search for Supply Drops on the map. In this mode, Supply Drops yield a Safe, which in turn contains a Jewel. These Jewels look like the game’s iconic Loot Llamas. Teams need to collect a Jewel, which is then held on a player’s back in place of their regular Back Bling, and then “get away” to secure their victory. As seen in the clip above, the getaway vehicle used is a smaller version of the game’s Battle Bus. Since this vehicle is suspended in the air, players need to either build to reach it or use a new item, the Grappler.

The Grappler, which is the aforementioned “new mobility item,” allows players to latch on to buildings or objects. There are a few instances in Epic’s Twitch video where viewers can see how this is implemented. We can see players using the Grappler to propel themselves across city streets and to the tops of buildings, granting them an advantage on unsuspecting foes. Looking at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, it appears the item uses ammo of some sort. This should help balance the flow of the game so that regular movement and building are still viable counter options.

Fortunately, these additions seem to prove that Epic is experimenting more with alternative game objectives, as evidenced by Getaway as well as the recent Score Royale LTM.

New cosmetics: Wild Card, Cuff Case, Safe Cracker

Dropping this week as part of the 5.40 update, High Stakes also includes the new Wild Card skin and accompanying challenges. This is the second themed event to feature its own challenges, with the first being the Birthday Event earlier this year. Though the challenges are still unknown, it appears completing them unlocks a new harvesting tool, the crowbar. Yesterday’s Twitch stream confirmed there will be three challenges in total. 

Meanwhile, purchasable in the game’s store later this week, the Wild Card skin includes four customization options. Players can wear a mask from each of the four suits of cards. This confirms information previously leaked following the original reveal announcement

Players can also purchase the new Cuff Case back bling and Safe Cracker glider. The rarities and prices for these items are still unknown.

That sums up what we know about the High Stakes event so far. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll be diving into the fray later this week.