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Career Mode has been a hot topic since the first reveal trailers for FIFA 19. The community has never sounded so passionate, nor concerned about the state of something in FIFA. During an interview with a German news outlet, a FIFA producer spoke in detail about the development in Career Mode and the reasons for why it is not being worked on at EA. The reasoning comes with no real proof, nor does it need to. There had to be a reason for EA to leave this mode unchanged, and at least the community finally has that answer. You can check out the full interview here. Note that it is published in German, so the upcoming Google Translated quotes may be inaccurate translations.

When talking about resources that the Career Mode team has, Matthew Prior (FIFA producer) says the following:

The career mode does not reach enough people from EA’s point of view and therefore does not come on the agenda. It seems weak in the recent success story of more players than ever before.

This is basically saying that EA does not see enough players in Career Mode, so they will not develop it. Later in the interview, Prior goes on to talk about how the team could develop Career Mode. The reason for lack of development mostly comes down to lack of funds provided by EA. This indicates, to me, that the Career Mode team is not to blame. It seems to be an issue with the higher bodies at EA.

It further seems that the actual FIFA team is passionate about the mode, so we should see more development after the recent outcry from the community.

Social media reaction

On social media, influencers in the community have been speaking out about this specific article. One content creator, Nick28T, tweeted about the lack of evidence to back up the points made in the article with this tweet.

Another creator, Bateson87, was attending a capture event for FIFA 19. This capture event was created for large content creators to make videos on the game, essentially acting as a promotion for the new title. However, Bateson indirectly responded to the tweet by saying:

This caused a small stir in the community for a few minutes. The ending of Bateson’s tweet was referring to a tweet that Nick had made earlier on, saying that the attendees of the capture event were being “wined and dined.” However, this response from Bateson ensures most of the community that players will see Career Mode changes in the future, due to the direct conversations between large content creators and game developers.

What do you think about Career Mode in its current state? What would you add to it? We want to hear from you. If you enjoyed this article, you can check out the rest of our FIFA coverage here.