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There’s more to making your perfect team in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (FUT) than just collecting the best players. You also need to understand how chemistry works to ensure your players are operating at their best.

Here is everything you need to know about chemistry in FIFA 21 FUT and how to get the most out of your squad.

What is chemistry in FUT?

Chemistry in FUT ranges from zero to 10 and impacts a player’s stats. If the player has a max 10 chemistry, they will get their full stats in addition to a boost from their chemistry style. From ten to four chemistry, the player loses boosts from their chemistry style but retains their base stats. Below four, the player will lose attribute points which will hinder their performance.

Since a player’s stats will determine how a player performs on the pitch, it’s important for each player to have good chemistry. Here are the things that impact chemistry.

What impacts a player’s chemistry?

There are four things to consider in FIFA 21 FUT that impact a player’s chemistry rating:

  • Position: Your player will lose some chemistry if they aren’t in their primary position or a similar position (a CM can play either CDM or CAM with max chemistry, for example).
  • Other players: Players form chemistry links with the other members of their team based on their Nationality, League, and Club.
  • Loyalty: Players with loyalty to your club get one additional chemistry rating (assuming they aren’t already at 10).
  • Manager: Players will get one additional chemistry from having a manager from the same nationality or league.

FIFA 21 FUT Chemistry Links

FIFA 21 Chemistry Guide

If you look at the image above, you will see links between every player. These links are yellow, green, and red and are important when it comes to chemistry. Here’s what each link means and how to form them.

  • Red Link: A red link means the players share nothing in common and don’t have chemistry with each other, which will reduce individual chemistry.
  • Yellow Link: This link means the players are either from the same nation or league, but don’t share anything else in common, you can still get max chemistry with yellow links if you don’t have red links or players out of position.
  • Green Link: The green link is the best link you can get and it means that the players share two things in common: they are from the same nation and league, or they play for the same club.

In the image above, every player is at 10 chemistry except Son at RM because his position is LM. Even though Varane has two red links at CB, he’s in position and has a green link with Mendy at LB and a yellow link with Sissoko at CM, so he still gets 10 chemistry. Son is still worth taking at seven chemistry because he still has great stats despite taking a slight hit to his chemistry style bonus.

Keep in mind when forming your squad that Icon players have a green link with players from the same nationality and a yellow link with everyone else. They are great options for linking up players that normally wouldn’t have chemistry (although they aren’t cheap).

So, when you go to put your dream team together, make sure you don’t just stick Lionel Messi in next to a bunch of Brazilian Premier League players (unless that’s your best option). Always be sure to look at how chemistry is impacting your player’s stats and try to get the best attributes you can for each member of your team.