FIFA 20: The five most valuable cards on the FUT Transfer Market
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To be successful in FIFA 20‘s FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), players need the best player cards available. Typically, the best cards on the Transfer Market are also the most expensive. Here are the five most valuable cards and why they are so sought after.

5. Headliners Neymar Jr.

Headliners Neymar Jr. goes for a starting bid of around 5.9 million coins, with a buyout price of over 6 million. While the card only has a 94 overall rating, the stats are in the right skills. Neymar’s dribbling ability is particularly impressive. He has a 98 in Agility and Dribbling, with a 97 in Ball Control. He also boasts a 96 Acceleration stat, which is extremely valuable for making runs.

Neymar is a CAM on the French team, Paris, which gives him a strong chemistry link with another great card in Mbappé. This chemistry link certainly helps this card’s value.

4. Team of the Year Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the most iconic Footballers in the history of the sport, so it stands to reason that he is one of the most valuable FIFA 20 FUT cards. Messi has a 99 Overall rating, and his base position will be RW. His worst stats are his Tackle ratings and his Def. Awareness rating.

Team of the Year Messi goes for around 6.5 million coins. As an Argentinian player for Barcelona, he has good chemistry with other La Liga players, as well as other Argentinian players.

3. Team of the Year Mbappé

The buyout price for Team of the Year Mbappé is around 6.9 million coins in FIFA 20, and not without reason. The 98 Overall Paris player has amazing stats in every category except defense. His Def. Awareness, Standing Tackle, Sliding Tackle, and Interceptions stats are about his only weak points.

Mbappé and Neymar Jr. can be played as forwards, strikers, or midfielders with a strong chemistry link. Having both of these players is important when creating a top-tier competitive team, and that’s probably why he’s a tad more valuable than Messi.

2. Icon Ronaldinho

Icon players are always valuable due to their chemistry bonuses. Even if an Icon has nothing in common with other players, it will still have a weak chemistry link. The Brazilian legend goes for around 9 million coins.

Ronaldinho can be played as an LM or an LW in more offensive formations. He is only a 94 overall, but he has great dribbling skills and a solid 92 pace rating. He is a great pick for any competitive team.

1. Team of the Year Christiano Ronaldo

Team of the Year Ronaldo is easily the most expensive card, going for around 14 million coins on the Transfer Market. He has some of the best shooting stats in the game, with a 99 overall Att. Position, Finishing, Shot Power, and Heading Accuracy.

Like most other valuable offensive players, Ronaldo’s defensive stats are a little lower, but he is the game’s best option for a striker as of right now. The Portuguese superstar also might get some bonus value from his name alone.

Anyone hoping to be competitive in FIFA 20 should look into these FUT cards. It will probably take a good deal of money and luck to get them in a pack, so saving up to get them from the transfer market is probably the best option.