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FIFA 19 has almost been out for a week now. This means that players are increasingly finding bugs within the game. In previous years, EA has released a patch in the first week of the game to smooth out some of these cracks, and this year is no different. Since release, there have been a couple of big issues with the game. Gameplay is the main change for most week 1 patches, and it is evident in its patch notes.

In a new edition of “Pitch Notes,” EA went over some of the main patch notes that are coming to FIFA. The update is already available on PC and will most likely become available to console players within the next week. Within this post, there is another link to the FIFA forums where there are very detailed patch notes. For this article, I will be going over gameplay changes and Ultimate Team changes only as these are the two topics that will affect competitive gameplay the most. If you want to check out the Pitch Notes article or the forum post, you can read them too.

Gameplay Patch Notes

Gameplay was mostly overhauled this year with a lot of major changes. This comes after a bad year for gameplay in FIFA 18, especially in the Ultimate Team mode. This gameplay needed to be changed drastically to make the game “esports ready,” as most people in the community like to call it. So, EA delivered. They released a shooting overhaul, dribbling improvements, defending improvements, and many more small tweaks that make the game more consistent. However, when you make this many changes to a simulator, experienced players will certainly know the difference, and voice their opinions.

With this being said, the main issue with the gameplay side was some of the shooting animations. Specifically, when you take a powerful shot from outside the penalty area. Your player should be able to kick the ball with his laces and “blast” it. However, some of the time, your player will hit the ball with the inside of his foot, which generates a lot less power. This seems like it is easier for the goalkeeper to save the shot. However, I have had some instances where it has done this animation, and the ball has floated into the top corner. This may only happen to a small percentage of these shot types.

This shot is now being fixed, but that is all EA had to say on that issue. Another small issue in the gameplay was to do with free-kicks. When powering up a free-kick, it would automatically shoot all the way up to 100% power, which obviously isn’t ideal. I never experienced this issue, but some people I’ve spoken to have experienced this problem. This is being fixed too.

Transparency with the community

In another part of the gameplay section, EA said:

First off, we wanted to address gameplay. Due to significant community feedback stemming from FIFA 18 and early into FIFA 19, the gameplay team is limiting changes to gameplay in the initial stages of release. The idea here is to only make targeted fixes in an effort to keep the overall balance and feel of the game consistent, while we continue to gather in-depth feedback from our passionate players. In short, we want players to learn the systems.

While this is an initial theme, we do not want our players feeling like we aren’t addressing feedback or taking action regarding concerns from our player base. We don’t want FIFA 19 to get drastic changes, but we are absolutely monitoring for bugs or tuning that needs to be addressed in future patches.

My thoughts on gameplay improvements

As EA mention in its introduction, we do not want to see major changes to the gameplay in the first week. This is to keep the gameplay balanced and similar to what we have been getting used to. However, there are still some major things that need to be changed. A major issue that I have been experiencing is a goalkeeping issue where your keeper saves the ball, but it then fumbles into the net. One instance that I recorded is where my keeper fumbles the ball, and I luckily clear it off the line. This needs to be fixed. It does not happen often in real life, so it should be the same in FIFA. This, among other issues, is the reason why a lot of the player base is lashing out at developers and the publisher of the game.

Ultimate Team Patch Notes

When looking at the detailed version of the patch notes, you can find some changes that are specific to Ultimate Team. You can view the full Ultimate Team patch notes below.

The following issues were addressed:

  • In Rivals, some reward options contain four rewards but only three were displaying in the front end.
    • This was a visual issue only, players selecting these rewards received all of the appropriate rewards
  • Trying to swap duplicate items from the New Items screen would sometimes cause an error message to appear and/or display an undefined Item image.
  • FUT Coin balances were sometimes not visually updating properly when a player was outbid on an Item on the FUT Transfer Market.
    • This was a visual issue only and had no impact on a player’s FUT Coin balance.
  • Stability issue that would sometimes occur in FUT Single Player Seasons if the player had forfeited the previous match.
  • Squad Building Challenge rewards that provided a FUT Item required logging in and out of FUT before you could claim them.
  • A visual issue where a player would sometimes disappear during a pack opening walkout animation.
  • Some walkout animations were causing the player to warp into place.
  • The country graphic displayed in Squad Battles for a Squad from India were incorrect.
  • The Rivals post-match Weekly Score summary was displaying oddly if the player’s Rank had changed while they were playing the previous match.

My thoughts on Ultimate Team changes

These changes are good, and they outline some major issues with things such as bidding on the transfer market. However, there are still some issues with things such as opening special packs on PS4. Players cannot see the pack opening animations, which is a major flaw for most players. Along with this, sniping players (a way of quickly purchasing a player from the market) is flawed as there are bots on the web app. This makes it impossible for real humans to get a good deal on some items. This needs to be fixed immediately.

Other changes

There are not many other significant changes to the game other than the ones I have already covered. However, there have been some broadcast package changes in the UEFA Super Cup. This comes among some other UEFA-themed fixes in modes such as Kick-off, The Journey, and Career Mode.

Along with this, EA goes on to explain how some traits work. If you are interested in those changes, you can check out the full patch notes here.

What do you think of the new FIFA 19 patch notes? We’d love to hear from you. Finally, if you enjoyed this article, feel free to check out our other FIFA 19 coverage.