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Every year, EA releases the FUT Web App for FIFA Ultimate Team a few days before the full release. The web app is an application that allows players to control their Ultimate Team club from a PC, mobile, or tablet device. You can do things such as open packs, manage squads, buy new players, and complete Squad Builder Challenges. This is a great tool for those players who like to make a profit from things such as timely events, or even just buying low and selling high when it comes to trading players.

The Web App releasing early allows players, that are aware, to get a head start on the rest of the competition. Since the release of FIFA 19 is so close now, we will surely see the release of the Web App as soon as the full database has been revealed. It is likely that we will see the current Web App be taken down for maintenance roughly four days before the new app is to be released. The release of the Web App will probably be around the 19th/20th of September, based on previous years. We will get confirmed information about the Web App when that happens. As nothing is confirmed yet, these dates are purely speculation. However, based on previous years, this may be the case.

What should we do when the Web App releases?

Player research

Before embarking on your FIFA 19 Ultimate Team adventure, you should make a solid plan. Things such as looking for players who may be cheap when the game drops or setting your eyes on a big signing that can give you a huge advantage when you start. Mostly, players opt for a Premier League team when they start the new game. This is strongly advised against by many content creators and players. This is due to the variety of players in this league. I will personally be going for the Premier League for this reason alone. However, leagues such as the Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 are great leagues to start off with. This is because of the prices at the start of the game. The “hidden gems” in these leagues will certainly be cheaper than those in the top English tier.

To find these hidden gems in the web app, you should look for certain statistics on the item. One stat that will most likely be utilized heavily in the new game is pace. The pace is the first stat on the item and often the most important. If you look into previous games and their line-ups, you will only see players with 80 pace or above. This is due to the high pressure and high-paced gameplay in the competitive scene. This stat is most likely to be important in center-backs. This will be essential due to the high pace in most attacking players; you will want to make sure that your center-backs can keep up with these players in a foot race.

Club management

Ensure that you use techniques that are approved by veteran FIFA players. Things such as opening bronze packs can result in profit coming in thick and fast. As you open the packs, which cost 400 coins, you can get roughly three players per pack, most of which will sell for 200 coins each. Along with this, you can sell squad fitness cards, which will sell for roughly 1,000 coins at the start of the game.

Techniques like these can give players a head start when it comes to managing your club correctly. As well as this, do not spend your coins on things such as packs or expensive Squad Builder Challenges; this will most likely result in a loss.

Time management

It is key that you get your timing right when it comes to certain actions on the Web App. Things such as opening packs and selling items will be key. EA may release a Team of the Week during the Web App. If you open packs during this time, then you will have the chance of packing some huge players. You could use these players in your squad or sell them for a huge profit.

The timing of sales is also key. Most players will not give up their players easily, nor for cheap, during the Web App stages. You should look to sell your players during the worldwide release of the game. This will allow you to sell to those players who add real money on the first day.


Overall, the FUT Web App is a great place to get your Ultimate Team started. Whether you only use it to open some packs, or if you create your starter squad in it, you will at least get a feel for the game during the early stages of your FIFA 19 journey.

Will you be using the Web App to start your Ultimate Team? Let us know. We want to hear from you. Feel free to check out the other parts of our FIFA coverage here.